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Chapter 2676: So… Insensitive

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As long as it was his body, it was no good to touch anywhere.

She thought about how to successfully return to the front passengers seat without angering him.

But who would have thought that before she even moved, Han Zhuoling would already see through her intentions.

His palms pressed against her lower back.

Not only did he not let her go, but he even pressed her towards himself.

“Dont move.”

His voice was very hoarse.

When Shi Xiaoya was pressed by him, she fell towards him.

His lips were right on her forehead.

She had already done countless intimate things with him.

But this was different.

Because of the cramped space, they were stuck together like glue.

It was her first time being like this with Han Zhuoling in the car.

And the moment she looked up, there was Han Zhuolings face, which could not be any nearer.

He looked so handsome; even at such a close distance, nothing ugly could be found on his face.

She had no idea how he was able to look like that.

No matter how closely she looked at him, she could not find anything bad about his facial features.

Looking at this face, which looked good even when magnified, Shi Xiaoya could not help but blush as her heart skipped a beat.

No matter how close she was with him, she could not help but dream whenever she looked at him.

She was the only person who would dream about her own man.

Shi Xiaoya was whispering to herself in her heart while her forehead was pressed against his lips.

“The moment you move, I will have a reaction.” Han Zhuolings lips were still pressed against her forehead.

Shi Xiaoya looked down and could see his chin and the moving Adams apple as he talked.

Shi Xiaoyas forehead and lower back were being burned by him.

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Who would have thought that right after Han Zhuoling finished saying that, he would hold her waist and press her towards himself

Shi Xiaoya took a deep breath.

There was no need for Han Zhuoling to say anything.

He had already explained using his actions.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to move.

Her lips had been shaking the whole time.

Han Zhuoling thought that she wanted to say something important, but in the end, she said, “So youre not angry now”

Han Zhuoling was shocked and broke out into a laugh.

This little girl was still thinking about him being angry.

She even said it at such a time.

So… insensitive.

Han Zhuoling held her waist and let her feel it.

“Do I look like I am in the mood to get angry”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


Her face was flushed.

She thought that with his condition now, he really would not have time to get angry.

So she asked him whether he was angry.

Shi Xiaoya felt uneasy and wanted to move, but she did not dare.

His dick was very fierce and was pressing hard against her.

“Then… then what do we do now” asked Shi Xiaoya.

They could not do it in the car.

They were still in the parking lot outside of the hospital.

There were a lot of people!

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and buried it into her shoulder.

“Let me rest for a while.”

Shi Xiaoya did not move and was unsure of whether he would be able to rest.

Because his head was on her shoulder, and he was facing towards her neck…

Every time he breathed, the burning breath was blown to her neck, tickling Shi Xiaoya.

The skin that was blown on by his breath became red, as if it was burned.

Han Zhuoling was slightly drunk.

He clearly did not drink, but he was made drunk by her charm.

This little girl was so soft.

How could he be angry at her

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