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Chapter 2689: Are All the Rich People So Humble Now

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Han Zhuoling wiped his face.

“Lets go and get our marriage certificate.”

Han Zhuoling had said it in high spirit.

As soon as they had their marriage certificate, he would be able to call her his wife.

Today was not a special day related to numbers like 520 or 1314.

Thus, the queue was considered normal.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were only in queue for a while.

Actually, the two would not have needed to queue up.

Han Zhuoling could have just made a call.

However, the two of them were queuing up here humbly.

Neither of them wanted to make it very special; they wanted to be like a normal couple who came to get their marriage certificate.

It was as though they were simutaneously enjoying this simple and beautiful moment.

Finally, it was their turn.

The two read the vows seriously.

Even the employee opposite them was surprised.

He had to deal with many prospective husbands and wives every day.

Most of them read the vows as if completing a task; they were not paying a lot of attention.

It made people feel that completing their marriage certificate was just something necessary to fulfill the task of marriage.

However, the pair in front was different.

The two came to get their marriage certificate, but they took every step very seriously.

When they were saying their vows, the man spoke every word clearly and seriously.

It was like he wanted to make sure every word of the vow would come true; he was not just saying it for fun.

Just by listening to him, the value of the young lady to him could be felt.

As for Shi Xiaoya, she also read everything seriously.

After reading it, she looked at Han Zhuoling.

The two had put their feelings into the vows.

The employee was a middle-aged man.

He only looked at the news and at WeChat when he went online.

So he was not familiar with Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

Only once the two were leaving with their certificate did the middle-aged man come to his senses.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya sounded very familiar.

“Older Brother Wang, what happened Why are you in a daze” asked his colleague Xiao Liu while carrying a cup of coffee.

Xiao Liu had just graduated from university not long ago.

Because he was young, he was more familiar with the latest news.

Older Brother Wang said, “I was helping two people sort out their marriage certificate just now.

The two were so suited to each other.

Both the man and the woman looked so good.

Using young peoples words, you would say theyre stunning.

Usually, if one was slightly uglier, they would be overshadowed by their other half.

Its so rare that this couple was well-matched.

“I have been here helping so many couples for so long.

The only ones I saw who could compare to them were Han Zhuoli and Lu Man from before, who were helped by Lao Xin.”

As a celebrity, Lu Mans exposure to the public was high, so even if Old Brother Wang did not pay attention to these things, he remembered Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans name.

Just as he finished, he froze.

“Older Brother Wang, why” asked Xiao Liu.

“Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoling… the one who came to go through with the marriage procedures was called Han Zhuoling!” said Old Brother Wang.

Xiao Liu knew him indeed.

“The woman was called Shi Xiaoya”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Thats her name,” said Old Brother Wang, nodding.

“My god! The two came to get married without saying anything! So low-key!” After Xiao Liu was done being shocked, he told Old Brother Wang all about Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

After listening, Old Brother Wang said, “Are all the rich people so humble now”


The eight great families are being too humble.

Perhaps once theyve reached a certain level, they dont care to flaunt such things,” said Xiao Liu..

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