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Chapter 2703: I Promise Everything Will Be Arranged Clearly for You

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Not caring about how bothersome it was, she even tagged everyone.

“Telling everyone some good news.

My oldest grandson has gotten his marriage certificate today!”

The grandmas whose grandchildren were already married appeared the fastest.

They all congratulated her.

As for Old Mrs.

Wei, Old Mrs.

Zhao, and Old Mrs.

Qin, they pretended that they were not online.

Old Mrs.

Han laughed at how naive they were.

Did they think that they could avoid it just like that

Without caring about those three, she received many congratulations.

Old Mrs.

Han showed off by using voice messages, saying, “Ay, my oldest grandson is so simple and direct when it comes to completing tasks.

Yesterday, he told my granddaughter-in-law to get their marriage certificate, then the two went and got it this morning.”

“This was done in a simple and direct manner,” said the others one by one.

Their own grandchildren were already married anyway.

They were very relaxed.

Old Mrs.

Han said joyfully, “Thats right.

My oldest grandson doesnt talk much usually and looks very serious, but hes very dependable and will make sure that everything is arranged clearly for you.”

After Old Mrs.

Han had talked for a while, she realized that Old Mrs.

Wei, Old Mrs.

Zhao, and Old Mrs.

Qin had not appeared yet.

Old Mrs.

Han went through her contacts and called Old Mrs.

Wei first.

“What are you busy doing Didnt you check the group”

Of course Old Mrs.

Wei had seen it.

Before she picked up, she had secretly been looking through the chats in the WeChat group.

She had heard Old Mrs.

Hans words loud and clear.

But Old Mrs.

Wei still said, “I didnt see.

I just came back from the studio and didnt have time to look at my phone.

What happened”

Knowing that it was impossible to escape, Old Mrs.

Wei could only accept her fate and ask.

But fortunately, she had already known for very long that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were together.

She also thought that it was just a matter of time before they got married, so even after Old Mrs.

Han announced it, it did not carry much impact.

“Aiyo, then thats pretty good.” Although she was worried about her own grandson, Old Mrs.

Wei was still truly happy for Han Zhuoling.

“Congratulations, congratulations.”

Old Mrs.

Han was just bragging; she would not stab her on purpose.

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She just wanted to make Old Mrs.

Wei worried.

“My grandson is already married; your grandson needs to work harder!”

It was this mindset.

After hanging up, Old Mrs.

Han went to find Old Mrs.


While Old Mrs.

Han was busy, Han Zhuoling did not waste his time.

He took the marriage certificates, which were in front of Old Mrs.

Han, and placed them in front of himself.

He took out his phone and wanted to take a picture.

But before taking it, he could not help but admire them for a while.

Once again, a dumb smile appeared.

Shi Xiaoya took this chance to take a picture of Han Zhuoling and captured his side profile.

Han Zhuoling turned around and smiled at her.

“You took a picture of me”

Shi Xiaoya handed over her phone honestly and smiled at him.

“You looked like this when you were in the car, but I was driving, so I did not manage to take a picture.”

Shi Xiaoya held her phone with both her hands like a baby.

“Who knows when I will have a chance to take it again”

Han Zhuoling laughed.

He really did look a little stupid.

But more than that, he could feel the joy and happiness through the screen.

To Shi Xiaoya, even if this man showed a stupid look, he still looked very good.

That stupid look carried a hint of cuteness with it.

Just as she was thinking this, she heard the sound of a WeChat notification.

She went in and saw that Han Zhuoling had sent the picture of the marriage certificates to the 8864 group.

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