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Chapter 2706: Theres No More Work in His Eyes

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However, not everyone looked at their marriage with blessings to give.

Like Lian Qingyin.

After Lian Qingyin returned yesterday, she contacted Black Market a few times.

Black Market promised that it would not drag her in.

Not only would the matter not be connected to her, but Black Market would even not have any connections.

But because Lian Qingyin was feeling uncertain, she kept asking, to the point where Black Market was feeling annoyed.

Today, Lian Qingyin kept track of Han Zhuolings moves.

However, she did not notice if Han Zhuoling had made any moves.

So she knew that Han Zhuoling had not found out it was her.

Although it had only been one night, Lian Qingyin knew Han Zhuolings power clearly.

Those two people had been taken to the police station.

With Han Zhuolings power, if he really wanted to find something out, one nights time would be enough.

But now, though it was already noon, there was still no news from Han Zhuoling.

She also did not hear any news of the two people exposing her or Black Market.

The police were not taking action at all.

Not only did the police not find her, but Lian Qingyin herself also had some connections at the police stations.

She had asked before; the two people really did not spill the beans.

So, Lian Qingyin was relieved.

If he wanted to find out, he would have done so earlier.

He would not have dragged it until now.

It seemed like Black Market was right; they did have a solution.

Lian Qingyin was happy that she contacted Black Market regarding this.

At least it was assuring.

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However, Lian Qingyin did not expect that although she did not notice any action against her from Han Zhuoling, shed see the news of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya getting their marriage certificates.

The two just got their marriage certificates like this!

Lian Qingyin did not know that she was the catalyst pushing Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya to get their marriage certificates.

If it was not for her making herself known, Han Zhuoling would not have been reminded to get their marriage certificates with Shi Xiaoya.

Her presence reminded Han Zhuoling to get the marriage certificate as soon as possible to avoid any complications or accidents.

True, it was just a matter of time before Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya got their marriage certificates.

But if Lian Qingyin knew that not only did she not annoy them, she had also become their catalyst, what would her expression be

As it was almost lunchtime, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya stayed at the family home and decided to eat together.

“You dont need to go to work today” Old Mr.

Han asked.


Getting our marriage certificates with Xiaoya is such a joyful thing, so I decided to give myself a leave,” said Han Zhuoling.

Old Mrs.

Han smiled as she thought that Han Zhuoling became different ever since he got together with Shi Xiaoya.

In the past, if he needed to go and get the marriage certificate himself, he must book a certain time and would return to work immediately after getting it.

His mindset was that work was more important than marriage.

The time spent could not be more than one hour.

But now, he was willing to go in the morning and queue up with Shi Xiaoya.

Other than queuing up to get the marriage certificates…

He did not even go back to work after getting it, as he wanted to spend time with Shi Xiaoya.

In Han Zhuolings eyes right now, there was no work.

Nothing could compare to Shi Xiaoya.

Old Mrs.

Han felt that this Han Zhuoling finally felt like a human.

Not like before, when he only cared about work.

Furthermore, he knew how to rest and have a work-life balance, which set peoples minds at ease.

Old Mrs..

Han was gratified by Han Zhuolings small changes.

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