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Lu Qi became anxious, “Director Sun, dont waste time for my sister.


“Isnt she your older sister Why is it that as soon as you came, youve not said a single good thing about her” Sun Yiwu raised his eyebrows.

Lu Qi stiffened, then laughed dryly, “How… how can I say anything in defense of her Shes done something wrong, its something that cannot be denied.”

“Miss Lu, just wait over at the side first, we still have a few scenes to film,” Sun Yiwu said coldly.

Then the assistant director instantly went to find the actors.

Lu Qi could only wait at the side, as there were no chairs there for her to sit she could only stand.

After standing there for more than an hour, when the actors finally started to take a break to practice their lines, Lu Qi instantly went to find Sun Yiwu, “Director Sun, my older sister hasnt come yet, she really cant make it.”

“Why exactly cant she make it” Sun Yiwu looked at her, seeming to be smiling, but yet not smiling.

However, Lu Qi could not tell at all and was just thinking of taking over Lu Mans place.

“Its not that she cant make it, its just that she regrets agreeing to film.

She feels that filming this movie is too much hard work and that its too dangerous, shes scared of getting injured.

After all, she had never acted before, it was just that initially she felt that acting seems quite good, but when it came to the real thing, she backed out.”

“Who are you talking about” Lu Mans voice suddenly sounded from behind Lu Qi.

Lu Qi turned around abruptly as if she had just seen a ghost, and saw Lu Man standing right behind her.

Han Zhuoli was even by Lu Mans side!

Lu Qi could no longer differentiate what she should be shocked about first.

Should she be shocked as to why Lu Man was here or should she be shocked about why Han Zhuoli would follow Lu Man here!

“Why did you come” Lu Qi shouted in shock, not caring to hide her lie anymore.

Lu Man looked like she was smiling but at the same time, it was like she was not smiling at all.

“Im in the film.

Of course, I have to come.

On the other hand, why are you here Just now, you were saying things like Im not coming, I got scared, whats the meaning of that”

“I…” Lu Qi was indeed very thick-skinned and instantly changed her stunned expression into a smile.

“Im here to visit you at work.

Older sister, I knew that you were coming to film, so I especially came over to see you.

Furthermore, you dont have any experience with acting while Ive acted for so many years already, I can help to give you tips.”

Lu Qi tugged Lu Mans hand.

“If you have anything you dont know, you can feel free to ask me, theres no need to be polite and since you dont have experience with acting, Ill just stay here so that I can teach you properly.”

Lu Qis schemes were very good, she could stay here to accompany Lu Man, and if Sun Yiwu felt that Lu Man really could not make it, then with her acting experience, comparing the two, he would definitely feel that she was much better.

At that time, it was very possible that he would directly use her to replace Lu Man.

Lu Man pulled out her hand from Lu Qis hand, her face unreadable.

“Theres no need, the director is here, if theres some issue with my acting, of course, the director will teach me.

Unless you think that you are more qualified compared to Director Sun to teach people And you know even more about how to act for this movie”

“Of course not!” Lu Qis face changed, and she vehemently denied it, “Older sister, dont randomly say things, Ive never said that before!”

“Since its not true, then whats the use of you staying here” Lu Man said sarcastically.

“Im staying here to keep you company,” Lu Qi forced herself to smile.

Lu Man smiled back.

“Instead of staying here to keep me company, why dont you go back to see your father and mother.”

“What do you mean” Lu Qi said, unhappy, “Older sister, how could you say that Isnt my dad your dad as well You say it like you dont have any relationship with him, thats too unfilial isnt it!”

“Then you should quickly go back, your dad and mom are in the police station right now, theyre going to be detained for quite a while.”


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