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Chapter 2709: Are You Feeling Unwell

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“I was learning from Director Wu today.

It ended just in time, so I went to find my brother,” said Han Zhuofeng.

The Director Wu that Han Zhuofeng mentioned was Wu Mosen.

With the Han Corporations investments, it was very convenient.

This was a rare opportunity, so Han Zhuoli had arranged for Han Zhuofeng to learn from Wu Mosen.

When Wu Mosen was directing, he would not have just one assistant director, so Han Zhuoli gave Han Zhuofeng the position of assistant director.

Lu Mans stomach was still flat and it did not look like she was pregnant.

Old Mrs.

Han saw her and asked, “Man Man, how do you feel now Are you feeling unwell”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Nope.

Looks like the little guy knows that he should sympathize with me.

I dont have any painful symptoms.

On the contrary, my appetite keeps improving, and I can eat a lot now.”

“Thats good.

You can only get all your nutrients by eating,” said Old Mrs.

Han, smiling.

“Just let us know whatever you want to eat.”

Lu Man smiled and agreed.

“People say that your taste will change after getting pregnant, but until now, I have not experienced any changes.

Whatever I liked to eat before, I still like to eat them now.

Its just that I get hungry late at night.”

Since Lu Man was developing herself in the entertainment industry, she had to maintain a good figure.

Before getting pregnant, although she did not starve herself, she followed the rule of having three meals only.

After dinner, she would not eat anymore.

Unless she had to attend any gatherings and must eat, she would eat a little, or else supper was something that had nothing to do with her.

However, that was before she was pregnant.

After getting pregnant, she no longer restrained herself.

The child took priority.

If she was hungry or wanted to eat anything, she would tell Han Zhuoli immediately.

If he could get it immediately, Han Zhuoli would do it straight away.

Usually, the food that she wanted to eat was not tricky to get.

Most were in B City.

The only problem was that many restaurants did not operate for 24 hours.

When she wanted to eat at midnight, she would not be able to find any place open.

Lu Man would not be angry because of this, but she would keep thinking about it and not be able to sleep.

If she could not eat, she could not sleep.

Her mind would be filled with that food.

She would keep her eyes open until the morning.

But after a few hours, she would not want to eat it anymore.

How could Han Zhuoli just watch Lu Man think about food and not be able to sleep, ending up affecting her body

So after one time of experiencing it, Han Zhuoli bought various semi-finished products online according to Lu Mans cravings and kept them at home.

He was afraid that he was not thoughtful enough and would miss a few items, so he would ask Lu Man what else she liked to eat.

And hed remember them.

Whatever was sold online and could be stored at home, he bought everything.

Even if the storage time was only for a few days, it was fine.

If Lu Man did not want to eat it, he would eat it.

Then, he would buy it again.

He needed to ensure that these were stored in the house.

Just like one time, Lu Man wanted to eat sesame sauce Liangpi.

However, this snack was usually sold on food trucks or stalls at the streetside.

These stalls would not be open until midnight.

Luckily, Han Zhuoli had bought it online beforehand.

The seller had vacuum-packed the fresh Liangpi to extend the shelf life.

It also came with sauce packs.

It could last six or seven days in the fridge.

There were some at home, so Han Zhuoli immediately made one for her.

Even though Han Zhuoli did not know how to cook, these products did not need him to know how to cook; he just needed to take them out and mix them together..

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