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Chapter 2710: Pitied the Chef

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True, it was still different from the ones made on the streets.

But it could satisfy Lu Mans cravings for the time being.

Their houses fridge had never been so full.

The contents were so diverse.

When the huge two-door fridge with a freezer was not enough, Han Zhuoli bought another fridge and placed it next to the first one, but even then, it was filled very quickly.

“Sheng Yue is Yan Beichengs territory.

Its the same as our own house,” said Han Zhuoli to Lu Man.

“Let the chef know whatever you want to eat.

Even if its not on the menu, tell them to make it for you.”

Lu Man pulled on Han Zhuolis shirt, embarrassed, and whispered, “Todays main characters are Big Brother and Xiaoya.

It should follow Big Brothers and Xiaoyas taste.”

Shi Xiaoya sat next to Lu Man.

Tonights main characters were indeed Han Zhuoling and her.

But with the elders here, the master seats belonged to the grandparents.

The Hans and the Shis sat in line on the two sides next to the grandparents.

At the end of the line were Han Zhuofeng, Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, Han Zhuoling, and Shi Xiaoya.

They who were younger sat together.

When Lu Man was talking to Han Zhuoli, Shi Xiaoya heard it as she was too near.

Shi Xiaoya smiled as she pulled Lu Mans sleeve.

Lu Man felt it and turned around, looking at her with an expression full of confusion.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “Whatever you want to eat, just say the word.

We are eating together anyway.

No matter what we eat, we achieve our goal of eating together.

As for what the food is, it doesnt matter.

It works perfectly; you can order and we wont need to use our brains.”

Since Shi Xiaoya said that, Lu Man would not be courteous anymore.

She did not order every single thing, but she did order a few dishes that she wanted to eat.

Just as she was about to order, Sheng Yues general manager came.

All the elders of the Han Family came, after all, so after the general manager heard about this, he came immediately to greet them.

Then, they heard Lu Man telling Han Zhuoli, “I want to eat Big Plate Chicken.”

Old Mrs.

Han was stunned when she heard that.

This was not on the menu of Sheng Yue.

The general managers eyes also twitched.

She really knew how to test the chef.

But luckily, it was not hard to cook.

Even though it was not on the menu, they had the ingredients for it.

The chef was also hired by Sheng Yue with a high salary.

If he could not even cook such a simple dish, he should resign.

Without needing Han Zhuoli to say anything, the general manager made the waiter write it down immediately.

“What else do you want to eat” Han Zhuoli asked Lu Man.

Lu Man said, “Barbeque lamb skewers.”

The waiter wrote it down again.

“For the main course, I want to eat Meat in a Bun,” said Lu Man softly, embarrassed.

Her voice was a bit soft, so the waiter did not hear her.

Han Zhuoli then said it to the waiter.

The waiter pitied the chef quietly.

The previous ones were easy to handle.

The meat of the Roujiamo could be marinated, but the problem was the bread; it was uncertain whether the chef could make it.

Lu Man said, embarrassed, “Will it be too bothersome”

“No, no.” The general manager promised her on behalf of the chef, “Our Sheng Yues chefs know how to make all of these.”

Lu Man was relieved.

“I want to eat these.

I wont order the rest,” said Lu Man.

Then, Han Zhuoling took the menu and ordered a few more dishes.

Even though the general manager had put on a tough front, hearing that Lu Man only ordered three dishes, he still let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, these three dishes were easy to handle.

If Lu Man continued to order and really ordered something that their chefs could not make, he would be lying and it would ruin their reputation..

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