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Chapter 2719: Is It Fun This Way

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The video file was large, so Lu Dongliu sent it using email.

Lu Man turned on her computer and took a look after she received it.

The video duration was not long, around 21 minutes.

It consists of all the tidbits of Han Zhuoling during season one.

Even though season one was only around one hour.

That was the cut version.

The original version was much longer.

These behind-the-scene tidbits were whats leftover after cutting.

However, Han Zhuoling did not talk much during season one; he did not say much in front of the camera.

Only when Shi Xiaoya asked him questions behind the camera would he say a few words.

Then, they would edit the footage in which he talked into the main film.

As for Han Zhuolings behind-the-scene tidbits, it was mostly Shi Xiaoya asking him questions and him answering.

The two of them interacted with each other, but actually, they did not talk much.

But at least Han Zhuoling would answer Shi Xiaoya.

The scene of asking and answering looked pretty harmonious.

However, the two of them looked very serious, and people could see with one look that the two were not very close.

Shi Xiaoya also kept a safe distance from Han Zhuoling.

It was more out of respect.

But the thing that was surprising was that Han Zhuoling was patient with Shi Xiaoya.

If it was someone else, they would not have dared to ask a lot.

But Shi Xiaoya was able to do that.

And Han Zhuoling answered patiently.

After Lu Man saw this video, she went to look for Lu Dongliu.

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She did not let Shi Xiaoya pass the message.

“Director Lu, this video is pretty suitable,” said Lu Man.

“Alright,” Lu Dongliu replied immediately.

“Then I will post it.”

After a short while, they saw Chi Xingrui come out and say, “I am Survivor‘s assistant director.

I am sure everyone knows that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya fell for each other during our show.

During the shooting of our show, Han Zhuoling had already divorced Xia Yixin.

The thing about him cheating while he was married, theres no such thing.”

Lu Man saw Chi Xingruis message and already guessed what the netizens would say.

It would probably be something like Chi Xingrui was lying for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

His words could not be trusted.

And just as Lu Man finished thinking about that, a netizen replied, “Hehe, Survivor was sponsored by the Han Corporation; he doesnt need to be like this even if he wants to gain his boss favor, right You tell us that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya only got together during the show, but must we believe that”

But not long after this kind of comment appeared, Lu Dongliu shared Chi Xingruis message.

Additionally, he posted a video of the tidbits.

“This video of tidbits contains Han Zhuoling during the shooting of the first season.

Back then, it was Shi Xiaoya who did his makeup.

Because Mr.

Han is not a celebrity, when we released the tidbits as a video for VIP, we did not obtain Mr.

Hans permission, so we did not release this.

“However, this rumor appeared today, so I posted this video.

I collaborated with Shi Xiaoya for one whole season.

She is an adorable and pure girl; those who interacted with her would know.

I dont understand why there would be someone to accuse her of this.

Is it fun”

“Thats right!” Shi Xiaoyas fans came out to say.

“Especially some people who passed judgment without even knowing who Xiaoya is.

Youre so impressive.

If youre so impressive, then it would be awesome to have you all solve a criminal case..”

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