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Chapter 2724: If I Cant Get You, Then Ill Destroy You

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I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “Our collaboration depends on trust.

I can tell you clearly that this is indeed fake.

However, I want to make these two people regret it.

I want Han Zhuoling to regret marrying Shi Xiaoya.

Our focus is to slander Shi Xiaoya.

You can just mention Han Zhuoling to blur peoples vision, but the focus is to slander Shi Xiaoya.”

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “The price is not a problem.

This is something fake and you need to take the risk, so I wont lie to you saying its real.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Fine.

Youre a reasonable person.

Lets make it fun together.”

Not The Number One Fangirl had spread many false news.

But the previous news only used pronouns.

Even if the celebrities that the posts were referring to came to her, they could not do anything, because she did not say any names.

So regarding this, Not The Number One Fangirl did not have any morals.

However, this thing affected Han Zhuoling.

Not The Number One Fangirl was still terrified of Han Zhuoling.

So she did not accept it easily.

If it was real, it would have been fine.

But it was fake, so Han Zhuoling would not let her off the hook.

However, the price that was suggested really tempted her.

It would be worth dozens of advertisement fees.

Not The Number One Fangirl could not let go of such a big fish, so she thought of a solution, which was to use another account.

Not The Number One Fangirl: “You want to slander Shi Xiaoya, but it will also slander Han Zhuoling.

I dont dare to pick a fight with Han Zhuoling.

I am a nobody, and I have finally built this account into what it is now.

Its not easy to build up another account, so I will use another account to break the news for you and share it using my main account.

Then, I can give you a discount as well.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “I promise the effect will be the same.”

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “Thats fine as well.”

After that, the two finished discussing the price.

After a while, Not The Number One Fangirl sent a script to I Cast My Eyes On The Moon.

“Check this out.

Is it okay if I post this”

After examining it, I Cast My Eyes On The Moon discussed with Not The Number One Fangirl and edited it a few times.

Finally, the one that they decided on was the one that was posted by the account online to break the news.

After Not The Number One Fangirl posted it, she even sent a screenshot to I Cast My Eyes On The Moon.

These screenshots were very detailed, revealing the cause and effect.

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“So it is indeed fake,” said Shi Xiaoyas fans.

“Those who suspected its true, who still didnt believe it wasnt even after Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya have explained, after Lu Man and Survivor‘s director, assistant director, and crewmembers stepped forward to give proof, do you feel ashamed now”

“I Cast My Eyes On The Moon is an interesting name.

The next phrase is But The Moon Shines On The Ditch.

This means that Han Zhuoling is the moon and Shi Xiaoya is the ditch Then theres no need for further explanation; it must be a woman who likes Han Zhuoling and couldnt bear to watch Han Zhuoling get married, so she tried to slander them.”

The netizens were all very suspicious of the name, and nobody suspected the gender of I Cast My Eyes On The Moon.

“This woman is so scary.

She cant get it herself so she wanted to destroy others.

Not to mention slandering Shi Xiaoya, she even didnt let Han Zhuoling, whom she likes, off the hook.

If I cant get you, then Ill destroy you.

This is terrifying.”

“Thats right.

She wanted to slander Shi Xiaoya but also dragged Han Zhuoling in, accusing him of cheating.

Its not good for Han Zhuolings reputation as well..

If she really likes a person, how can she accuse that person That woman must be a pervert.”

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