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Chapter 2725: Not to Be Provoked

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Whether it was an army of keyboard warriors or those people who refused to believe it regardless of how much Han Zhuoling and his friends had explained…

At this moment, none of them could say anything.

As of now, Lian Qingyin was surfing the web, about to enjoy how Shi Xiaoya was being brutally savaged by critics.

She had only taken a break from the internet for a moment and things changed completely.

Han Zhuoling released screenshots of the chat history.

Obviously, she knew the authenticity of the conversation.

Because it was true.

The screenshot showed a conversation she had with Not The Number One Fangirl.

Surprisingly, Han Zhuoling got his hands on the chat history!

In addition, the way the screenshot of the chat was captured showed that it was done through the Not The Number One Fangirl account.

It was possible that Han Zhuoling had hired someone to hack the computer used by Not The Number One Fangirl.

Then retrieved the chat history through that account.

As Lian Qingyin pondered, she went and messaged Not The Number One Fangirl.

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “Han Zhuoling released your chat history to the public.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “I know.

I saw.”

As of now, Not The Number One Fangirl could not be bothered with Lian Qingyin.

She just wanted to protect herself.

She never expected that they would find her even though she had used an alternate account.

Wei Wucai did a very thorough job.

He found her IP address through the alternate account.

Then, through her alternate account, he found her main account.

I Cast My Eyes On The Moon: “You can send out another army of netizens and say that their screenshots are not trustworthy and that screenshots can be faked.

You can then create a similar account and photoshop a picture.”

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Not The Number One Fangirl: “Nevermind.

I am backing out of this.

I am not doing this anymore, but I am not giving you back your money because I took a risk.

Han Zhuoling found my identity.

I dont know what will happen to me.

I might lose not just my main account.

In fact, it is possible that I will never be able to survive in this field.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “If Han Zhuoling wanted to trap me in hell, there are many ways he could do it.

I would not be able to fight against him.

Because of this deal with you, I lost my career.

Your money cannot compensate for the business I have lost.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Solve this yourself.

Dont talk to me anymore.

I cant afford to provoke them.”

Still, Not The Number One Fangirl warned her out of the goodness of her heart: “I suggest that you be more careful.

Han Zhuoling found me easily.

It would not be difficult for him to find you.”

When Lian Qingyin saw this, her heart skipped a beat.

Immediately, she took out her phone and logged onto social media.

She saw that Han Zhuoling had only released the screenshot to the public.

All the netizens were starting to side with Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

After all, the evidence that Han Zhuoling had provided was solid.

Lian Qingyin waited a while.

She then noticed that Han Zhuoling had become inactive.

She thought to herself, maybe Han Zhuoling really had no idea that she was the one who had planned it all.

And so, Lian Qingyin decided that she would do it herself since Not The Number One Fangirl refused to work with her anymore.

Anyway, she had to make sure that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya would not have a peaceful wedding.

And so, she went and hired her army of netizens.

She had them leave comments on Han Zhuolings post.

“This picture looks photoshopped.”

“Yeah! Who knows if this screenshot is real!”

“Even those WeChat salesmen can have a conversation with themselves.

How hard could it be to act it out, create the chat, and take a screenshot of it”

Unfortunately, no one believed these hired netizens.

Because Not The Number One Fangirl herself had voiced out…

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