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Chapter 2726: Cry in Front of Him

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Not The Number One Fan Girl: “I am so sorry.

I have indeed created fake news with my alternate account and framed Mr.

Han Zhuoling and Miss Shi Xiaoya.

I was blinded by money.

I have no idea who hired me, but I admit to what I have done.”

When the netizens saw that Not The Number One Fangirl had admitted to it herself, they no longer said anything.

And now, everyone knew that those who questioned the post were hired by someone as it was very obvious.

All of those hostile netizens had the same point of view and they supported each other.

“Hiring an army of netizens after being exposed This is a risky move.”

“The army of netizens behave like the netizens from the previous post.

They must be the same people.”

While the other netizens were focusing on this, they had no idea that Not The Number One Fangirl had personally sent Han Zhuoling a message.

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Young Master Ling, I am sorry.

I was blinded by money.

I had admitted to my doings publicly.

Will you please forgive me I promise that I will stay far far away and never be involved with anything related to you and your friends.

If anyone hired me to do something against you all, I would not only reject it but will also tell you about it.”

Not The Number One Fangirl: “Young Master Ling, I recognize my mistake.

Please forgive me just this once!”

Not The Number One Fangirl sent a crying emoji.

She then sent the palms up together emoji as a representation of her begging.

She wished she could video-call Han Zhuoling and cry before his eyes.

To let him know that she would never dare to do anything like this again.

Han Zhuoling ignored her.

He showed the conversation to Lu Man right away.

Lu Man knew that Han Zhuoling would not lower himself to the level of some small fry.

He wouldnt bother to use a lot of energy to destroy her future career.

Han Zhuoling was not someone with a lot of time in his hands.

Still, this did not indicate that she would go free without any consequences.

Lu Man contacted someone and discussed certain matters herself.

Soon, there were some netizens doubting Not The Number One Fangirl.

They made comments on the clarifying statement that Not The Number One Fangirl had released.

“Since you can frame someone for money, how do we verify the authenticity of the gossips that you posted previously How many of those gossips were false”

“Did you guys not realize this All the gossips that she posted were either known by everyone already or were stories she created herself.

Whenever she wrote the latter, she would never reveal the identity of the person involved.

She would not even dare to give a nickname.

If some celebrity was really caught doing something similar to what she had written, she would then announce that she had mentioned it previously.

This was just her trick.”

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Of course, these netizens were hired by Lu Man.

Did you think that Lian Qingyin and Not The Number One Fangirl were the only ones who could hire an army of netizens

Lu Man was very good at it too.

Because of this, Han Zhuoling never said anything about what he would do to Not The Number One Fangirl.

Because of what Lu Man had done, Not The Number One Fangirl became a useless account.

Then, Lu Man contacted Eight Skin Entertainment.

“Eight, you are in the same line of work as Not The Number One Fangirl, right”

Eight Skin Entertainment responded to her.

“I guess.

Actually, she would be categorized as a low level.

We release news with solid evidence and have the audacity to reveal the identities of the people involved.

Not The Number One Fangirl posts fake stories and relies on Internet traffic to earn money.

Why Are you taking action against her”

Lu Man responded, “I am not taking action against her.

Since you and she are in the same line of work, I just wanted to ask if you would know if she created a new account and tried to start over.”

Eight Skin Entertainment replied, “Haih, I thought you were going to say something difficult.

This is easy work..

Although I rarely interact with Not The Number One Fangirl and she cant reach our level, it is super easy to find information on her.”

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