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Chapter 2735: Step Aside

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This fitted with Han Zhuolings thoughts.

The lawyer of the two people who had crashed into Shi Xiaoyas car was also sent by Black Market.

But this time, Lian Qingyin was also someone with common sense.

So she immediately contacted her lawyer.

Before her lawyer got there, she would not answer a single question.

When Lian Qingyins lawyer arrived, Lian Qingyin kept discussing with her lawyer.

Lian Qingyin already knew that the police wanted to investigate the car accident.

She did not know how the police found out.

Perhaps the two people had given her up.

It was because a lawyer who claimed that he was Lian Qingyins lawyer came after Lian Qingyin had already found herself a lawyer that Tong Chunian suspected something was wrong.

After all, Black Market had just received the news and a lawyer came.

This lawyer must be connected to Black Market.

“Did the police let the lawyer see Lian Qingyin” asked Han Zhuoling.

“That lawyer requested it and they let him in.

He has not entered Lian Qingyins interrogation room.

I am in the next room, watching through the glass what they will do next,” said Tong Chunian.

Han Zhuoling then said, “Lets video call.

Let me see what he wants to tell Lian Qingyin after entering.”

“Alright.” Tong Chunian ended the call and switched to video call as he turned the volume to the max.

Han Zhuoling picked up the video call and also zoomed in to the video to the max.

Shi Xiaoya heard this and rubbed her eyes as she sat up.

Now, Han Zhuoling could see Lian Qingyins situation in the interrogation room through the phone screen.

Currently, there was another man in the interrogation room with her.

The mans back was facing the glass, but at the top right corner of the interrogation room was a screen of the security camera.

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The lawyers face could be seen clearly from the screen.

He looked pretty normal and was a middle-aged man who would not leave a huge impression.

Tong Chunian said, “The lawyer who is currently inside is the one Lian Qingyin called herself.”

Right after Tong Chunian said this, a man walked into the interrogation room.

Lian Qingyin and the first lawyer both turned their heads and looked over, their faces full of surprise.

“Young Master Ling, its him.

That lawyer just went in,” said Tong Chunian.

The lawyer that went in later said to Lian Qingyin, “Miss Lian, hello.

I am your lawyer.

My surname is Hu.”

As he was talking, Lawyer Hu gave Lian Qingyin a business card.

Lian Qingyin received it and took a glance.

She frowned and said, “I didnt call you to come.”

Perhaps it was sent by Lian Shitao

She was taken away by the police at midnight; Lian Shitao had commanded people to watch her house, so it was possible for them to have seen this and report it to Lian Shitao.

However, Lian Qingyin did not say this out loud.

Lawyer Hu sat down next to the lawyer that Lian Qingyin had called herself.

Lawyer Wang, whom Lian Qingyin called, frowned and said, “Miss Lian, you called me, and now another lawyer came.

Whats with this Dont tell me we have to partner up”

Lian Qingyin said, “This Lawyer Hu was not called by me.”

Lian Qingyin asked Lawyer Hu, “Lawyer Hu, may I ask who called you here I already have a lawyer here.”

Lawyer Hu laughed slightly and said, “Then can you let this lawyer step aside”

Lawyer Wangs expression turned dark.

“I am Miss Lians lawyer..

I must be present if she wants to say anything.”

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