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Chapter 2745: You Deserve to Be Single!

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“This is a weekend, but youre not going out to get girls and instead playing with your phone on the bed” Old Mrs.

Wei saw him like this.

She expected better from him.

“I tell you, a hermit does not have a future!”

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


“I am always busy with work usually.

Now that I can finally rest, I want to just rest at home.” Wei Zhiqian felt innocent.

“If you dont go out, how are you going meet young girls” said Old Mrs.


“Look at Han Zhuoling.

You always say that he is a workaholic, but even while he was working, he could still get Xiaoya! You work hard and also rest hard.

What about the girls Where are the girls”

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


The old lady of his house was guilt-tripping him without giving him a chance to explain!

Old Mrs.

Wei said, “I give you ten minutes.

Dress up nicely and get out of the house!”

After Old Mrs.

Wei finished, she left his room

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


Who did he provoke this weekend

Not only could he not rest properly, but he was even kicked out of the house by his own grandma!

But Wei Zhiqian did not dare to disobey Old Mrs.


So he could only quickly tidy up and leave the house under Old Mrs.

Weis watch.

Old Mrs.

Wei was still standing by the door, sending Wei Zhiqian out.

She even said to Wei Zhiqian, “I am going to wait here today.

Dont you come back early!”

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


How did it feel to have a home but not be able to go back to it

Now he finally felt it.

So when Han Zhuoling asked what else could be done during a date besides eating and seeing a movie, Wei Zhiqian was sitting bitterly in a cafe.

How could he know what else could be done

If he knew, he would not be sitting alone here drinking coffee.

Wei Zhiqian was staring at his phone, gritting his teeth at Han Zhuoling through the screen.

Suddenly, a shadow covered him from above.

Wei Zhiqian raised his head and saw a pretty lady standing in front of him.

She was smiling at him.

Wei Zhiqian had no words.


What was she doing, smiling at him for no reason

Then she said, “Sir, there are no seats left in the store.

May I sit here”

Wei Zhiqian said without thinking twice, “Sorry, I want to be alone for a while.

This whole street is filled with cafes; you can just randomly find another one.”

After he finished speaking, he continued looking down at his phone.

The lady was speechless.

If Old Mrs.

Wei was here, she would have grabbed him by the ear and reprimanded him.

“You deserve to be single!”

Did he not know what the lady meant when she wanted to sit here

He even wanted her to go to another shop.

Doomed to be alone forever!

Luckily, Old Mrs.

Wei was not here, or else she would have died from depression.

Seeing the response of her grandson, when would he be able to find a wife

Would he really not find one his whole life

Then, Qi Chengzhi came out.

“Were all bringing kids to the amusement park to play right now.

You reminded me that I need to have a date with Xiao Yu, just the two of us in our own world.”

Yan Beicheng: “I want to go to the holiday village in the Beijing suburbs with Nian Nian, have a dip in the hot springs, and have a vacation there for two days.

Just the two of us, relaxing.”

Han Zhuoling looked at all these suggestions and thought that the hot spings were not bad.

And Shi Xiaoya was currently chatting with Guo Yujie.

Guo Yujie was single, but she had dated before.

She was just single now.

Guo Yujie told Shi Xiaoya that she did everything when she dated.

“We even went to the amusement park.

Dont think that its childish to go there after youre an adult,” said Guo Yujie..

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