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Chapter 2750: The Brothers of the Han Family Crossed the Line

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Before she could respond to the likes and comments, she remembered that it had been a while since she had posted on Weibo.

Not including sharing posts.

After showing off her marriage certificate, she had never posted her own pictures.

Then she posted all these on Weibo.

Their picture was placed in the middle of the nine-square grid arrangement.

The eight surrounding pictures were all scenery pictures, and only the one in the center was a picture of people.

So the fans saw it instantly.

The first one that the netizens clicked on was the picture of people.

When they looked at it, they saw that even Han Zhuoling was wearing the minion hat.

The hat was actually not ugly.

It was actually beautiful and chic, and it attracted attention the moment it was worn.

But that person was Han Zhuoling!

People could not even imagine how he would look like if he wore a normal hat, not to mention this kind of cute hat.

This brought too much impact to the netizens.

There were also many attentive netizens that found out that Han Zhuolings expression was dull even though he was wearing this hat.

But his eyes were filled with joy and gentleness.

Even the corner of his mouth had a vague hint of laughter.

He was looking at Shi Xiaoya in the mirror.

The Shi Xiaoya in the mirror was smiling with all she had, and she looked sweet and gorgeous.

It matched Han Zhuolings expression as it had a feeling of unlimited acceptance.

“Young Master Ling clearly did not have an obvious expression, but I still feel so sweet after looking at it.

What do I do”

“This is you messing around and him laughing.”

“The person above, Young Master Ling is not laughing.”

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“Replying to the person above, his eyes are smiling.”

“His eyes contain a hint of joy and you.”

“This hat must have been put on Young Master Ling by Xiaoya.

He was even willing to do that; he must love her a lot.”

“Newlyweds are so sweet.”

“This makes me want to go meet someone by chance!”

“The brothers of the Han Family, you crossed the line! We saw Han Zhuoli making supper for Lu Man at midnight, and today, we saw Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya taking cute selfies.

Have you ever considered the feelings of single dogs @Society for the Protection of Small Animals.”

“Hahahahahaha, the person above, what do you mean by tagging this”

“Single dogs are small animals too! [dog head emoji]”

Shi Xiaoya laughed because of the netizens.

The two of them finished their coffee and had passed the time when it was the hottest outside.

Now, it was almost four, and the temperature was starting to become cooler.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling continued to stroll around.

They used their fast pass to get on three more rides.

Then, as they were walking aimlessly in the theme park, they came across a haunted house.

Strictly speaking, this haunted house was called the scary hospital.

Shi Xiaoya went to look at the advertisement sign at the entrance.

It was written that this scary hospital had specifically invited people from a country that was famous for making horror movies, and it was specially designed.

It included scenes and characters from that countrys classic horror movies.

To make it as original as possible, they even used the names.

Or else it would feel like a play.

Shi Xiaoya stood at the entrance, looking at this hospital building, which looked creepy from outside, and was thinking about whether to go in or not.

She was curious and wanted to go inside and take a look, but she did not have the courage.

She knew that if she really entered, she would not sleep well tonight.

“Want to go in and take a look” asked Han Zhuoling after seeing Shi Xiaoyas conflicting response.

“I… I am a little curious, but I dont dare to enter.” Shi Xiaoya pointed at one of the movies on the advertisement sign..

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