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Chapter 2760: Just Want to Bring You Home

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A good seat by the glass wall would need a reservation at least two days beforehand.

The other seats would need a reservation one day prior.

However, the two best seats of the restaurant could not be reserved normally.

They were prepared for super VIPs like Han Zhuoling.

They could reserve them any time, without the need to reserve a few days before.

Just like today, Han Zhuoling suddenly wanted to come.

He made a call, and if the seats were not reserved, they could save them for Han Zhuoling.

Even seats like these were always fully booked every day.

Even if they were not reserved, the restaurant was not desperate for the profit of these two tables.

When Shi Xiaoya arrived at the rooftop, she was in awe with the scenery in front of her.

Even though they were all man-made, they were beautiful.

It was no wonder that this place was called the city in the sky.

“No wonder this is a popular spot for taking pictures,” said Shi Xiaoya to Han Zhuoling.

“Its really beautiful.

No matter where you take the picture, theres beautiful scenery.”

There was the moon in the sky above and below their feet were floor lamps hidden among the plants, creating a faint hint of light from the plants.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling walked on the small path between the plants.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly stopped.

Han Zhuoling turned around and looked at her, confused.

Shi Xiaoya said softly, “This place reminds me of the path on which you proposed to me when we were shooting the special episode of Survivor.

“Its such a coincidence that you proposed on that kind of secret little path, and on our first date after we got married, we also walked on the same kind of path,” said Shi Xiaoya, scratching the back of her ear shyly.

“Do you think that I am too sensitive I can think about that just by seeing this,” said Shi Xiaoya, embarrassed.

Han Zhuoling wrapped his arm around Shi Xiaoyas waist, lowered his head to her ear, and said, “Why would I Reserving this restaurant tonight was unintentional, and its my first time here.

I did not know that its set up like this.

But this shows that its fated.

Our proposal and marriage all happened in similar environments.

“Besides, I am overjoyed that you still remember the day I proposed to you.” Han Zhuolings eyes were filled with warmth.

The light in his eyes shone brighter than the moon and the lights around them.

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“Of course I remember.

I remember it clearly,” said Shi Xiaoya softly.

“I wont forget it for my whole life.

Even when I am old and my brain is not as good anymore and is forgetful, I will not forget this.”

Shi Xiaoya held Han Zhuolings hand.

“Its such a good proposal, my good husband.

How can I forget”

Han Zhuolings throat moved and he took a deep breath.

His breathing felt tight.

If they were not outside and there were no waiters, Han Zhuoling would really have wanted to bury her in his arms.

He let out a sigh.

“I kinda dont want to eat anymore.

I just want to bring you home.”

Shi Xiaoya could not hold back her laughter.

She squeezed his hand.

“Cant do that.

This is our date as newlyweds, and it is also to commemorate our marriage.

There must a beginning and an ending.”

Han Zhuoling would not really skip the meal and bring her away.

He still followed her into the restaurant.

The lights from the moon and outside created a romantic atmosphere in the restaurant.

There was no need for other lights.

The restaurants lights were slightly dim, but people could still see clearly.

There was a lit candle on every table.

There were a few tables where customers were eating and conversing softly.

The soft conversations hid among the comforting music, making the restaurant really quiet.

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