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Chapter 2761: Full of Sweat

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There were still a few empty tables.

They had been reserved, but the customers were not here yet.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were led by the waiter to the seats next to the glass wall.

Shi Xiaoya raised her head and could see the dark blue night sky outside through the clean glass ceiling.

She could even see a few stars, which rarely appeared.

It was quite romantic having a meal under a starry sky.

It was a rare chance to have a proper date with Han Zhuoling.

The two did not rush.

They had already set the time to leak the news to Black Market at two in the morning, so the two of them were not rushing to get home.

When they finished their meal and were about to leave…

Before the waiter even arrived, Han Zhuoling had already stood behind Shi Xiaoya, pulling her chair out.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect Han Zhuoling to do it himself.

She smiled at him.

Han Zhuoling said softly, “Give me a chance to serve you.

I am supposed to serve you the whole time today.”

“Youre not supposed to,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling.

She had never thought that Han Zhuoling was supposed to do those things for her.

He did it because he loved her.

She could not think that it was natural.

After coming out from the restaurant, the two drove home.

But after parking the car, they did not head to the lift.

Han Zhuoling asked her, “Want to take a stroll around here”

The two of them had not walked around the residential area properly.

Although Shi Xiaoya had moved in first, she was a shut-in.

She only went out because she had to work.

When she was resting, she would stay at home.

Nobody could get her out.

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Shi Xiaoya really liked to be alone at home.

It was quiet.

If she was lacking something, she would call for a delivery.

Even fresh items from the supermarket could be delivered to the doorstep, not to mention food and drinks.

This made it even more convenient for Shi Xiaoya not to go out.

If she was not working, she could rot at home.

So even though she had moved in earlier, she did not know what the residential area was like.

She could not even tell where each block was.

There were not many residential blocks in the area.

Most of the area was filled with plants.

There was a stream, a bridge, and a pavilion.

The scenery was beautiful.

The night lights lit up, covering the scenery with a faint yellow glow.

The sounds of insects during a summer night came from the bushes.

Everything looked peaceful.

The two of them held hands and walked on the path.

They had been living here for quite some time, but it was like it was their first time here; they had never seen the scenery around them.

As they were walking, Han Zhuoling noticed that Shi Xiaoyas hand was squirming in his palm.

He held it tighter.

“What is it”

“Its full of sweat,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Its true that they were married.

But facing Han Zhuolings handsome face, Shi Xiaoya still wanted to maintain her image.

She did not want Han Zhuoling to remember that her palm was sweaty.

Han Zhuoling looked down and smiled.

“Theres sweat from my hand as well.”

As he was talking, he held the back of Shi Xiaoyas hand and rubbed her palm against his shirt.

“Youre dirtying it,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Its fine,” said Han Zhuoling as he rubbed his own palm against his shirt, then he held her hand with their fingers interlocked.

“Now its fine.”

Shi Xiaoya had never seen him being so improper.

He had even wiped his sweat on himself.

Even if they lived together, she had never seen him being so down to earth.

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