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It was just that her gaze was heavy and very direct, and even if Lu Man wanted to pretend that she did not feel it, it was just impossible.

“What happened” Lu Man went up and asked, “Is there anything you need help with”

The old lady raised her head to look at Lu Man.

“We heard that the temple here is very good, so we came from a faraway just to pray.

Who knew that my old arms and legs are no good anymore, after coming up halfway, I sprained my foot.

We cant go up, but we also cant go down either, what are we supposed to do!”

Lu Man was confused, why was the old lady kept staring her in the face.

“Do you want me to help you contact your family members” Lu Man asked, unsure.

“This little girl…” Old Madam Han looked at her like she was looking at someone dumb.

“Dont you see that my daughter-in-law is just here! Only two of us came here this time! Furthermore, if I wanted to contact a family member, dont I have a phone already”

“Old Lady, your temper is too bad already!” He Mengmeng went up to them, “Shes helping you out of kindness, how can you be so rude!”

The Old Madam Han went quiet, she originally wanted to test Lu Man, but who knew that she would be too forceful and would not be able to control her attitude well.

Before she came here, she had found out that Lu Man had come here to act, and that she was going to act in Director Sun Yiwus film.

At that moment, Old Madam Han was a bit suspicious as to whether Lu Man had schemed to get close to Han Zhuoli so that she could enter the entertainment circle and reach her goal of becoming a celebrity.

Hence, Old Madam Han hurriedly brought Shen Nuo to come to this small city in South Yunnan, wanting to see what kind of person Lu Man was with her own eyes.

Just now when they were sitting here, she had heard Lu Man cheer He Mengmeng on.

Thus, somehow Old Madam Han reluctantly felt that this girl did seem to have some good qualities too.

When Lu Man walked in front of her, she saw Lu Mans gaze sizing her up.

Old Madam Han gave a cold laugh in her heart, this little girl, as expected, she is full of schemes!

Seeing Lu Mans reaction, Lu Man surely knew that they were not ordinary people.

Lu Man pulled on He Mengmeng, shaking her head.

“Then let me help you call the police,” Lu Man said again.

“This little girl, why are you wasting the polices time You want the police officers to make a trip here just because of my sprained foot They have more important things to do!” Old Madam Han unhappily educated her.

Lu Man: “…”

So what exactly did this old lady want her to do to satisfy her

He Mengmeng pursed her lips, saying unhappily, “Ive never met an old lady who is still so rude even when people are helping them Are you here to cause trouble How long have you sat here for Ive not seen a single person help you at all.

Lu Man was helping you out of goodwill, yet youre still so rude, how could you be like this!”

Old Madam Han was depressed, everyone always praised her for her good temper and said that she was very logical!

This time, just to test Lu Man, she did not even care about her image.

Was this easy for her She was already sacrificing so much for her grandson!

Shen Nuo quietly watched Old Madam Han act from the side.

At the time, when Old Madam Han wanted to come, she initially did not agree, but she was threatened by Old Madam Han that if she did not follow her, the old lady would come by herself.

How could Shen Nuo not be worried

So she had no choice but to go along with her.

At this moment, seeing the old lady being so depressed she could not help but speak up, “Why dont you carry the old madam up.”

“What” He Mengmeng was displeased, “Theres a long distance, its already hard enough climbing empty-handed, much less to say having to carry someone.

We can help you call someone to send you down, is that alright”

“Weve made an appointment with the Buddhist Abbot, we cant go down the mountain,” Shen Nuos face was cold as she spoke.

Old Madam Han waved her hand at Lu Man, “Little girl, quickly carry me on your back, the faster I get up there, the faster the problem will be solved.”


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