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Chapter 2768: A Sound of Breaking

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She did not want to waste any time stopping at the traffic light.

So she stepped on the pedal even more.

She wanted to rush through before the traffic light could change colors.

Seeing that the number on the traffic light had reached two, Lian Qingyin stepped on the pedal without letting go and rushed through the line.

Lian Qingyin pursed her lips.

She was a little more relaxed.

But unexpectedly, as she rushed out, a huge truck rushed out from the intersecting road.

This was a cross junction.

So she could rush out before the traffic light could change, Lian Qingyin had not slowed down.

What was terrifying was that the truck that rushed out also did not slow down.

Not only did it not slow down, but as it rushed out and saw that there was a car in front, it even accelerated.

Normally, in this situation, the drivers first reaction would be to slow down and change directions to avoid a car accident.

Especially in this situation, if they collided…

The truck would definitely be able to tank it and would be fine.

But that small car of Lian Qingyins would be in a disaster.

But at that moment, the truck had clearly seen Lian Qingyin and knew that it was about to collide, but not only did it not slow down, it even accelerated, rushing towards Lian Qingyin.

Lian Qingyins eyes were fixed in front and did not see the truck.

When she saw the truck rushing from the side, she jumped in fear.

Lian Qingyin turned her car abruptly, but it was already too late; that truck was already very near.

At that moment, Lian Qingyins mind was blank.

She was too shocked and afraid.

She was dumbfounded.

All she could think of was to avoid it quickly and not get hit.

She needed to avoid it.

But her action was completely different.

It was as though her blood was frozen.

Her heart felt cold.

Finally, Lian Qingyin came back to her senses, and with a scream, she floored the pedal.

However, it was too late.

In this moment of danger, there could not be a hint of hesitation.

Even if she had not been a second late, she might still not have been able to avoid it.

And Lian Qingyin had been dumbfounded for a while.

“Quick! Quick, quick!” Lian Qingyin was bursting out into tears.

She had never had a moment like this where she felt so close to death.

She was desperate to get the car to rush forward.

She had clearly floored the pedal, but why was the car speed still so slow

While crying, a feeling of powerlessness crept up inside her.

“Bang!” That truck crashed into her car straight away.

Lian Qingyin felt like her body had been tied on a roller coaster as she was thrown around.

Her body slammed against the car door, and the side of her head also followed close behind, knocking against it with a “bang.”

Then, her head was thrown in the opposite direction.

The violent impact filled her head with pain with its continuous shaking.

Lian Qingyin did not know how many times she had been knocked around in the car.

She only felt that she was losing consciousness.

Right after, everything started spinning.

The car was spinning, and she was knocked around continuously in the car.

When the car was upside down…

Her head landed hard towards the ground.

Amid the panic, she heard the sound of breaking.

Lian Qingyin opened her eyes wide in the car.

Blood had spread all over her head.

Her glassy eyes blinked from time to time, as though they were stuck.

That truck stopped.

Its driver, who wore a cap, mask, and sunglasses that blocked his face completely, came out..

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