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Chapter 2774: Thought That She Was a Fluoroscopy Instrument

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Since Xie Jiling had seen through it, Han Zhuoli did not try to hide it.

“Its because shes pregnant that I am afraid; the pregnancy might be affecting her body.”

Xie Jiling understood why Han Zhuoli was worried and said, “Its okay.

I see that Big Sister Lus spirit is even more steady than before.

It seems to be due to the pregnancy, but it has completely merged with the body and is inseparable.”

Seeing that Xie Jiling was so certain and had said that nothing would happen again, Han Zhuoli let out a sigh of relief.

A huge burden in his heart had been put down.

Han Zhuoli remembered something.

“Since your eyes are so useful, then can you help us see if its a boy or a girl”

Did this uncle think that she was a fluoroscopy instrument

“Its still an embryo inside, so how can I know” said Xie Jiling, speechless.

Han Zhuoli was not obsessed with the childs gender.

He just wanted to prepare what the kid would need.

For example, to get the kids clothes, he had to know the gender.

Another reason was prenatal education.

There was a specific way to care for boys and another for girls.

There was no rush when it came to buying the kids clothes.

Actually, once it was the fourth month, its gender could be found out from a hospital checkup.

It was still early to make preparations at that time.

But Han Zhuoli was impatient!

He was desperate to head to shops and plunder them every day.

He had never had such a strong desire to go shopping.

Another reason was so they could decorate the kids room beforehand.

A boys room and a girls room would be different too!

However, Xie Jiling could not find out.

Han Zhuoli was disappointed.

Fortunately, their main purpose had been achieved.

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Unexpectedly, after a while, Lu Man started falling asleep.

Although Xie Jiling had promised it was fine, Han Zhuoli still could not help but worry.

It was because the way Lu Man slept was surprising.

She could be chit-chatting with you one moment.

And at the next moment, without any mental preparation, she could close her eyes and sleep like a log.

It was so sudden.

How could Han Zhuoli not be terrified

The first time it happened, Han Zhuoli woke Lu Man up.

Luckily, she could still be woken up.

Han Zhuoli let out a sigh of relief.

So when this happened again, Han Zhuoli would call Lu Man.

Lu Man would answer him sleepily.

As long as Lu Man responded, he was relieved.

This happened many times, and Han Zhuoli was now experienced.

Now, Lu Man suddenly slept.

Han Zhuoli did not care to answer Old Mrs.

Hans questions first.

Instead, he shook Lu Man.

“Want to sleep again”

Lu Man mumbled sleepily, “Tired.”

Han Zhuoli was relieved and told Old Mrs.

Han, “She really likes to sleep recently, and she would just fall asleep suddenly, like a kid.

After playing for a while, she would get tired and fall asleep straight away.”

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “During the beginning of pregnancy, people tend to like sleeping.

I remember when I was pregnant with your dad, every day, out of the 24 hours, I wanted to sleep for 14 hours.”

Han Zhuoli asked immediately, “So you also just fell asleep suddenly”

“I cant remember clearly.

I dont think I just fell asleep suddenly, but I always wanted to sleep while doing something.

That time, even though theres television at home, there werent many channels,” said Old Mrs..


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