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Chapter 2779: Han Zhuoli Was Clearly Overjoyed

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“Youre willing to” asked Han Zhuoli, surprised.

Lu Man smiled and reached out to touch his cheek.

“I cant make you worry about me during the day too; its taking away your mood to work.”

If something went wrong, Han Zhuolis perfect reputation would be ruined, and she would also feel guilty.

Han Zhuoli instantly smiled and said, “I have a room in my office, and theres a bed inside.

Usually, if I have to socialize at noon and have drunk alcohol, I will use it to rest during my lunch break.

But the bed is big enough.”

Of course Lu Man knew.

It was not like she had not been to his office.

Han Zhuoli was clearly so overjoyed that he even forgot about this.

“Tomorrow is Sunday.

There is still a days time.

I will get someone to set up the room so that you can sleep comfortably.”

There was just a simple bed inside.

It was for him to rest for a while during lunch break.

But since Lu Man wanted to be there with him…

He had to make sure she was comfortable.

So, whether it was a couch, a recliner, or a desk, everything must be purchased.

After Han Zhuoli finished speaking, he remembered something.

“Why did you wake up suddenly”

After being messed up by Han Zhuoli, Lu Man almost forgot why she woke up.

After being reminded by Han Zhuoli, Lu Man remembered.

Her mouth was watering from thinking about the smell of barbeque.

“I am craving barbeque,” said Lu Man without any hesistation.

If she was asleep, Han Zhuoli would also worry anyway.

So it was better if she was awake so that Han Zhuoli could be at ease.

Han Zhuoli heard this and immediately took out his phone to look at the time.

It was already two in the morning.

“Do you want to order delivery or go out to eat” asked Han Zhuoli.

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It was summer, the season when the barbeque stall business was the most popular.

The streets were filled with low tables and chairs, and there was the smell of barbeque everywhere.

Even at this time, the stalls would be filled with people.

They were not empty at all.

So even if they went out to eat at this time, it was fine.

It would not be cold either.

However, he was worried that Lu Man would be too tired.

If they went out, they would sweat because of the heat and it would be sticky.

Lu Man gave it a thought and said, “Lets order delivery.”

She was not too eager to leave her comfortable home.

The barbeque stalls during this season all opened around eight at night and would continue to operate until five or six in the morning.

And as a lot of teenagers who had been clubbing for the whole night would feel hungry, they would randomly choose a barbeque stall and eat there.

Due to this, at the barbeque stalls after four in the morning, there would be teenagers wearing all kinds of fancy clothes.

As the barbeque stalls were opened all night, the delivery also lasted this long.

Han Zhuoling took out his phone, opened the delivery app, and started picking with Lu Man.

As it was already midnight, Lu Man did not dare to eat too much.

Besides, barbeque was not very nutritious.

It was just for satisfying her cravings.

But they felt bad to order a little bit and ask for delivery.

So they ordered quite a bit.

It was not a lot, but not very little either.

She was going to let Han Zhuoli deal with it if she could not eat anymore.

While waiting for the barbeque, Lu Man said to Han Zhuoli, “I am not tired anyway.

I will wait for the barbeque.

You should go and sleep for a while more.”

Looking at Han Zhuolis bloodshot eyes, Lu Man was reluctant to make him stay up with her.

Seeing through her concern, Han Zhuoli nodded.

“Then Ill sleep for a while.”

It would take at least an hour for the delivery to arrive.

“I will go and take it when the delivery is here,” said Han Zhuoli.

It was him who ordered anyway; if the delivery man could not enter, he had to call Han Zhuoli.

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