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Chapter 2809: She Dared to Use This Trick Behind His Back

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The camera would make someone at least 30 percent uglier.

In front of the camera, Lu Qis looks left a huge impression, not to mention seeing it in person.

The face that made her a celebrity was not just pretty.

When in a crowd, it was beautiful enough to make people gasp.

So when the director looked at Lu Qis face, he became more and more aggressive.

Lu Qi also used every method she could to please him.

Even if she did not feel anything, she could act as though she felt so good because of the director.

This was the time to test her acting skills.

It was as though she could not control her voice.

Lu Qis moans became louder and louder, about to burst out through the door of the hotel room.

However, it was not her first time, so Lu Qi was not afraid.

In fact, she wanted to let others know.

That way, those who had money could also come and find her if they wished to.

It was as though the director was stimulated; when he heard Lu Qis voice, he wanted to make her moan louder and louder.

At that moment, Lu Qi did not know that He Zhengbai heard the noise from outside.

His expression was as dark as the night.

He was too familiar with Lu Qis voice.

Back then, when Lu Qi was with him, she also moaned diligently, as if he was very strong.

That time, He Zhengbai was proud, thinking that he was so powerful and incomparable.

However, after he heard about Lu Qi and this director, he started to have doubts.

After all, this director was not young, and he had a huge stomach.

He did not seem like he had good stamina or was strong.

Right now, through the door, he heard Lu Qis moans as though she was in heaven.

She was even praising that director, saying that he was so good.

Then he heard the panting of the director; it was obvious that he was running out of stamina.

But Lu Qi could still moan so loud, exciting him.

He Zhengbai knew she was acting the moment he heard it.

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He Zhengbai could not help but doubt whether Lu Qi was acting when she was doing it with him.

He Zhengbais expression looked awful.

He had always been using Lu Qi.

Even when Lu Qi was still the spoiled youngest daughter of the Lu family.

She had the title of the spoiled youngest daughter of the Lu family, she was a popular actress, and she had good looks.

As she had so many good attributes, He Zhengbai really did like Lu Qi before.

However, as these attributes disappeared one by one, what was left was He Zhengbais hatred for Lu Qi.

Especially when Lu Qi tried to plot against Lu Qiyuan with him.

Who would believe a woman who wanted to plot against her own father

He Zhengbai did not dare to come near Lu Qi.

This woman was dumb and cold-hearted.

He had no love for Lu Qi anymore and was even thinking of ways to divorce her without getting her to spill the beans about him.

However, they were still married right now.

Lu Qi was still his wife.

Upon hearing the noises of her cheating, even if He Zhengbai did not care about Lu Qi, his dignity as a man was still insulted.

She was still his wife, but she dared to use this trick behind his back.

He Zhengbai did not feel that the fact that he messed around outside with other people could be the reason that Lu Qi could mess around behind his back.

He could go out and have some fun, but Lu Qi was his wife, so Lu Qi could not betray him!

Moreover, Lu Qi did not have anything and depended on him.

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