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Chapter 2814: Why

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He Zhengbai took out his phone and showed her a picture.

“If you dare to

expose me, then this picture of you will have to be on the headlines too! It has

been so long since a picture that has this type of hype appeared.

Every time

this type of picture appears, it will be talked about for ten days to half a month.

It cant be compared to a normal headline.

Think about it carefully.”

Lu Qjs expression changed drastically.

She could not care about her fear or avoiding He Zhengbaïs attacks.

She dashed forward, wanting to snatch He Zhengbais phone

But He Zhengbai was prepared, so obviously, it would not be snatched away by

Lu Q.

The phone screen clearly showed a picture Lu Qjs and the directors naked

bodies facing front.

He ensured that Lu Qj could see it clearly.

“You dont need to snatch it.

Of course I wont only have this one copy,” said He

Zhengbai as he raised his leg and kicked Lu Qi down.

The assistant went forward and pressed Lu Qi down, not allowing her to get up.

He Zhengbai squatted down in front of Lu Q and swiped his finger across the

phone screen, one by one showing the photos that the assistant had taken

before to Lu Q.

There was a front photo of Lu Qi and the director, as well as photos of the two

stacking on top of each other.

When the assistant took the photos, he was quite near, and Lu Qi and the

director were constantly moving, causing the photos to be blurry.

They were not posing for it after all.

However, Lu Qjs face could still be seen when looked at closely.

Lu Qi struggled for a while and said unwillingly, “He Zhengbai, our marriage is

just in name anyway, its not real.

Ever since we got married, weve lived our

own lives.

You have never lived a single day of married life with me, and we

dont even stay together.

I thought we already had an agreement.

You can live

your life and I can live mine.

“You also hid your marriage to date daughters of the rich and bring more

benefits to your own family,” said Lu Qi.

“I didnt bother myself about you, so

dont you bother yourself about me too!

He Zhengbai sneered.

“I can play outside in whatever way I want, playing

women while handling those rich women.

But you cant.

You must behave



Lu Qi did not even have the time to ask, but her expression said everything

“Why” He Zhengbai pinched Lu Qjs cheeks.

Lu Qis cheeks were swollen from the slap just novw, so they hurt even witha

1ight touch

Not to mention being pinched hard by He Zhengbai.

But He Zhengbai let go of her quickly.

Because he felt that pinching her face made his fingers sticky.

The stickiness caused by the combination of her makeup and tears was all on

his fingers, causing him to be disgusted.

He Zhengbai threw her face away, looking down on her with scorn.


you dont have anything and have to depend on me to survive.

“Your mom was thrown into jail by you.

If not for that, you would have at least

had your mom to support you and give you ideas.

Your dads assets were

defrauded by you and given to me.

If not for that, you would still have been the

youngest daughter adored by your dad.”

He Zhengbai let out an evil sneer.

“But now, you have nothing.

You did all that

to yourself.

You had everything at first, but because of yourself, you have

nothing now.”

“I did all of that because of you!” Lu Qi glared at him, her eyes widening.

“Its all

because of you that I wronged my parents, but I have never wronged you!

“You can even betray the parents that gave life to you.

Those two were the

closest people in this world to you.”

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