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Chapter 2822: Ill Give You a Look, Understand It Yourself

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The two would get together from time to time, telling each other the sad stories of how their grandmothers hit them.

These were stories from their hearts.

So Han Zhuoli remembered everything about him clearly.

“So I am giving you time to prepare.

Tomorrow, Man Man will be three months pregnant, so we can announce it to the public.

My grandma… you know.” After Han Zhuoli said this, he sent an emoji called “Till give you a look, understand it yourself.”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

He was shivering, feeling a little scared.

After Han Zhuoli said this, Wei Zhigian was so scared that he could not sleep anymore.

Han Zhuoli threw his phone to one side and scooped Lu Man into his arms.

“Lets sleep earlier.

Sleep is important.

Lu Man was specchless.

He knew this but still scared Wei Zhigian to the point he could not sleep


Because Old Mrs.

Han remembered something exciting, she woke up an hour earlier than usual.

She opened her eyes and took a glance at the time.

It was only five.

Her pals must not be awake yet at this time.

It would not be good to call them so early.

Even though she wanted to show off, she could not be annoying, right

So Old Mrs.

Han could only wait.

She closed her eyes, wanting to take a nap.

But because she was too excited, she could not fall asleep.

Old Mrs.

Han could not sleep herself, so she turned around to look at Old Mr.

Han, who was beside her.

“Old man, are you awake” asked Old Mrs.


There was no response.

Old Mrs.

Han pouted, tuned around, and took out her phone to pass the time.

She scrolled through her friends feeds, but her eyes could not stop looking at the time at the top left comer of the phone screen.

She was thinking to herself, why was it not six oclock yet

“Youre rolling around.

Why did you wake up this early” Old Mr.

Hans voice came from behind, sounding a little sleepy.

Old Mrs.

Han turned around happily.

“Youre awake”

“You kept rolling around, how can I not wake up” Old Mr.

Han looked at the time.

“Its only five-thirty.”

Old Mr.

Han grabbed his blanket and wanted to cover himself to continue sleeping.

Old Mrs.

Han pulled the blanket immediately.

“Aiyo, since youre awake, stop sleeping.”

Old Mr.

Han was speechless.

“What do you wanna do, waking up this early” asked Old Mr.

Han, frustrated.

“Isnt today the day Man Man is three months pregnant I plan to call the others at seven to tell them the good news,” said Old Mrs.

Han happily.

“I woke up early accidentally.

But my heart is too excited, so I cant fall asleep after waking up.”

Old Mr.

Han was speechless.

“You should also tell Old Qi and the others, right” said Old Mrs.


Old Mr.

Hans mustache perked up.

“Yes, I do need to tell them.”

“Arent you saying it in the group” asked Old Mr.

Han, turning his head.

“For such a big thing, I need to call and tell them in detail to show them my sincerity,” said Old Mrs.


Old Mr.

Hans mustache twitched.

“Right, then I should call and tell them too.”

“Whether Man Mans child is a boy or a girl, it will be our oldest great-grandson or great-granddaughter.

We have to see it as something important, so we have to tell them one by one and make everyone happy,” said Old Mrs.


Then she paused and continued, “Do you think we should use


“Old Mr.

Han took a deep breath.

“So grand”

“Of course.” Old Mrs.

Han did not think that this was grand.

“Theres some distance between us and our neighbors.”

The place they were staying at was a huge house with an enormous courtyard.

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