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Chapter 2825: Old Mr.

Wei Felt That This Was the End of Wei Zhiqian

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“Dont think that I was just scaring him; I really didnt let him come in.

After he got together with Man Man and brought her with him, only then did I let him enter,” said Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Wei really did not know about this.

Because Wei Zhigian was afraid.

If he told Old Mrs.

Wei about how Han Zhuoli suffered

He did not know whether Old Mrs.

Wei would have laughed.

But he was scared that Old Mrs.

Wei would learn from it and would not let him come in the house too!

So he did not dare to tell Old Mrs.


After hearing Old Mrs.

Hans experiences, Old Mrs.

Wei was pretty interested.

She sat on the chair as her eyes glowed, then she sat slightly forward.


“Then Then he found Man Man,” said Old Mrs.


“You have to force him.

But I would not ask him to just simply find one.

Its not okay either to just simply find anyone.

Its wrong to the kid.

Marrying someone he doesnt like wont make him happy.

We want them to marry, have a partner, and have a

home, but we also hope that they can be happy.

We cant make them marry for the sake of marrying,”

“Yes, I agree with you.” Old Mrs, Wei felt the same.

“Twas so forceful to Zhuoli back then because I wanted him to attach more importance to it, prioritizing finding a wife.

If I hadnt pressured him, he wont have seen it as something important.

He would have dragged it out, and who knows when he would have taken it seriously” said Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Wei nodded, feeling exactly the same.

“Actually, I also know that last time, he had Zhuoli as his partner, so Qian was not in a hurry.

However, now Zhuoli is even having a kid.

Its impossible that Qian wont be in a hurry.

He cant be dilly-dallying anymore.

He doesnt know how to keep a watch for a girl he thinks is not bad and can develop a

relationship with.”

“You must rush him; time waits for no one.

Let him have some sense of urgency.

If the feather duster behind him is closer, and he is serious, how can he not find a wife”

As Old Mrs.

Han was speaking, she gave Old Mrs.

Wei a Trojan horse.

“Plus, Young Qian has excellent traits.

Hes tall and handsome, on the level of a male god.

If hes really serious, why would he need to worry about not finding a wife So you have to rush him.”

“Before, you were too gentle and soft with him,” said Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Wei really felt that what Old Mrs.

Han said made sense.

“Aye, youre really my good pal.

I will act according to what you said!” It was one of the rare times that Old Mrs.

Wei was not frustrated as she ended the call happily.

Old Mr.

Wei and Old Mr.

Han had already finished speaking.

They spoke a lot less than their wives.

Old Mrs.

Wei said to Old Mr.

Wei, “Old Zhou really gave me a good idea.

Thats my good pal.

Her grandson already has a wife but she still thought of me.”

Old Zhou was obviously Old Mrs.


Old Mr.

Wei was speechless.

Even though he did not hear what Old Mrs.

Han told Old Mrs.

Wei, looking at the reaction of Old Mrs.

Wei, Old Mr.

Wei felt that this was the end of Wei Zhigian.

Without stopping, Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han continued to call their other pals.

They told everyone the news of Lu Mans pregnancy.

Old Mrs.

Han went on to ask Butler Wang to hang the firecrackers.

“When the neighbors come, should we give out wedding candies” asked Old Mrs.


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