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Chapter 2827: Youre the CEO, You Make the Call

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In the Han Family, from Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han to Lu Man, who married into the family, they could all do things over and over again.

They were bustling with noise every day.

Seeing that everyone knew, Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “Our Man Man is pregnant.

Today marks the third month.

I am so overjoyed that I lit firecrackers.”

Everyone was speechless.

‘The things that Old Mrs.

Han would do when she was happy were extraordinary.

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

Everyone congratulated them.

Old Mrs.

Han said joyfully, “When the child is born, we will send you red eggs.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Let us have some blessings too.”

Everyone had children at home and also wanted to have grandchildren.

“Its a must.” Old Mrs.

Han was smiling so widely that her eyes were about to disappear.

“Our Man Man is so blessed, she can even bring us happiness.

“Ever since Zhuoli married Man Man, which thing has not been smooth Not to mention business, there are even important life events like giving birth.

They have just talked about preparing for it and she got pregnant not long after.

It went smoothly.

Soon after Man Man entered our family, didnt our

Zhuoling also get married”

Everyone was speechless.

They were smiling as they listened to Old Mrs.

Hans boasting.

Old Mrs.

Han went on and on.

At first, they thought that she would be done after a few minutes.

But as they listened, they found out that Old Mrs.

Han had no plans to stop.

‘They could only say awkwardly, “Madam, I… I need to head to the office or Ill be late.

I still have a meeting this morning.”

“Thats right, I also have to hurry.

There are heavy traffic jams in the mornings.”

Old Mrs.

Han was not finished yet, so she said, “Fine.

When you guys have time, Ill tell you slowly.”

It was as if everyone had been released.

They hurried into their own cars and escaped as if there was someone chasing after them.

Old Mrs.

Han went back into the house happily, then she remembered.

“Oh, right, I have to tell Zhuoli that he can announce it now.”

So she gave Han Zhuolia call.

Han Zhuoli was feeling impatient.

He was on the way to the office with Lu Man.

‘When he was at home, he did not get any notice from Old Mrs.

Han, so he felt impatient.

He thought that if Old Mrs.

Han still had not contacted him when he reached the office, he would call Old Mrs.


Then, while they were on the way, Old Mrs.

Han called.

Han Zhuoli picked up immediately while looking for a place to park the car.

“Grandma, youve told everyone on your side already” asked Han Zhuoli while parking the car.

“Lhave announced it.

My pals and neighbors all know,” said Old Mrs.

Han, satisfied.

“Great, then I will announce it now,” said Han Zhuoli.

He hung up and immediately started editing.

“…” Seeing that Han Zhuoli was going to post it here before leaving, Lu Man asked, “Youre posting it here Not going to the office first”

Han Zhuoli stopped his action of editing, turned to Lu Man, and said, “Its only if I post now and let everyone know about our good news that we can receive everyones blessings when we reach the office.

If I dont, it will be regretful if the blessings come late.”

Lu Man was speechless.


Youre the CEO, you make the call.

Thus, while many netizens were scrolling through Weibo in the morning, they saw that Han Zhuoli had announced a very important message so early in the day..

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