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Chapter 2831: Your Acting Could Be More Dramatic

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After waiting for a while, everyone saw Han Zhuolis car driving towards the entrance of the office from far.

Then, soon after, they saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man stride in.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans waist, being careful with her every step.

Zheng Tianmings mouth twitched.

Lu Mans stomach was not even big yet; she did not look like she was pregnant at all.

People could not bear to watch how Han Zhuoli was treating her like a pregnant woman with a huge stomach.

It was as though he was afraid that people would not know that Lu Man was pregnant.

Being held by Han Zhuoli like this, Lu Man could not stop her mouth from twitching too.

Ever since she got pregnant, she had already stopped wearing the high heels that she rarely wore.

She was steady wearing flat shoes.

Before they could announce it, Han Zhuoli had not been as serious.

Lu Man whispered, “You dont actually need to hold me.

For the past three months, havent I been walking steadily”

Han Zhuoli also whispered, “Back then, did you think that I didnt want to hold you Isnt it because I was scared that I would be too obvious and people would find out During that time, every time I watched you walk by yourself, my heart was full of concern.

“Now, we no longer need to hide it, so obviously I will take good care of you,” said Han Zhuoli as he raised his head and stuck his chest out.

People could not bear to look at that proud look.

Even the various supervisors and those in high positions thought that Han Zhuolis proud look seemed as though he was not going to have a kid but the whole world.

Finally, Han Zhuoli held Lu Man as they entered the Han Corporation building.

It was as though Han Zhuoli had just seen that there were people waiting at the entrance.

He had a surprised and confused expression as he asked, “Why are you all here What happened that you guys can gather here in such an orderly manner”

Everyone was speechless.

CEO, your acting could be more dramatic.


CEO was clearly a famous actress.

Why did she not teach any acting skills to the CEO

People could not watch Han Zhuolis terrifying acting.

Everyone thought, “Dont you know about what happened”

Zheng Tianming even sent an email!

Zheng Tianmings expression stayed the same.

He smiled sincerely.

“These managers found out that Mrs.

CEO is pregnant and have especially come to the entrance to welcome and give their congratulations to CEO and Madam CEO.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” General Manager He nodded immediately.

“We didnt call the other employees.

Theyre also full of excitement and wanted to come here themselves to congratulate the CEO and the Madam CEO, but we cant let everyone in the company come here.

It will be too cramped.”

“Yes, and if there are too many people, it will be too dangerous.

It wont be good if someone accidentally pushes Madam CEO,” said Assistant General Manager Zhao, who was newly appointed.

“Although theyre not physically here, their hearts are with us.”

General Manager He nodded at the side, showing total agreement.

This Assistant General Manager Zhao was newly appointed.

Before him, Assistant General Manager Yu was the one who wanted to kick General Manager He out and take the spot for himself.

He was never on good terms with General Manager He.

Because of that, many inconveniences appeared during work.

‘Whatever General Manager He wanted to do, Assistant General Manager Yu would disagree.

Even if he could not stop it in the end, he would create many obstacles, making his work not as smooth and wonderful.

General Manager He had wanted to grasp an opportunity to fire Assistant General Manager Yu since the beginning.

Regarding this, the General Manager had to thank Lu Man.

Back then, Assistant General Manager Yu dug his own grave by collaborating with outsiders to make Lu Man suffer.

That made him Han Zhuolis target..

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