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Chapter 2837: Older Young Master Hans Dignity

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They were a family anyway.

Everyone knew that the three brothers relationship with each other was so good that they did not have any grievances at all.

In another company, brothers might have grudges against each other.

If one was to deal with the others matter, he would be suspected of having ulterior motives.

However, this was non-existent among the Han brothers.

Ever since the two brothers stopped being single, theyd been more than happy to give their work to each other.

This was a perfect example of brotherhood.

For instance, back when Han Zhuoling had just returned to the country, he was still a workaholic.

Han Zhuoli was already together with Lu Man.

To spend more time with Lu Man, he heartlessly pushed a lot of his own workload to Han Zhuoling.

Without feeling any stress, he pressured his own older brother who was a workaholic.

He was not worried at all that if Han Zhuoling did too much work for the Han Corporation, his position would be threatened.

During that time, his life as the CEO had been amazing.

Every day, he worked from nine to five, going in and out of work on time.

He was beaming with radiance every day.

But ever since the older Young Master Han got together with Shi Xiaoya, he had also tried to shirk his responsibilities.

He did not want to be a workaholic anymore and returned all the work to Han Zhuoli, causing Han Zhuoli to suffer with him.

Only these two brothers from the Han Family had a relationship where they wanted to give the whole company to each other.

As for Han Zhuofeng, he gave his whole heart to becoming a director and was not interested in inheriting the company.

“Give it to your CEO.” Han Zhuoling was unwilling to do Han Zhuolis work.

“I am also busy here!”

He also knew that these people just did not want to listen to Han Zhuoli talk about pregnancy.

However, he had just gotten married and also wanted to hurry home to be lovey-dovey with Shi Xiaoya.

Manager Luo would not go to Han Zhuoli even if he were to die, so he found the courage to say, “Then how about you bring it to the CEO”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


This Manager Luo was so pressured by Han Zhuoli that he was bold enough to ask Han Zhuoling to run errands!

It seemed like the older Young Master Hans dignity could not compare to Han Zhuolis boasting of pregnancy

“Heh.” Han Zhuoling let out a grim chuckle.

He raised his left hand and placed it on the bottom half of his face.

His long fingers curved naturally and covered his chin and lips.

His second finger was right on his nose.

Only his fierce eyes were shown.

Manager Luo felt strange and did not understand what Han Zhuoling was doing all of a sudden.

This pose was too sudden.

Then he saw the shiny ring on Han Zhuolings ring finger.

Manager Luo obviously saw the wedding ring on Han Zhuolings left ring finger.

This was not unfamiliar to employees of the Han Corporation.

After all, Han Zhuoling had already been married for a month.

Usually, when they saw Han Zhuoling, they would notice the wedding ring on his finger.

But Han Zhuolings wedding ring was very low-key.

It was an ordinary mens ring, and on top of the ring was a tiny diamond, which was not very eye-catching, It suited Han Zhuolings humble personality.

Everyone already knew that Han Zhuoling was married, so Han Zhuoling did not say anything.

That ring was so low-key that people would not pay attention to Han Zhuolings hand.

Now, he let his guard down and he was shone on by the diamond ring on Han Zhuolings finger.

Manager Luo raised his hand to cover his eyes subconsciously.

Then he remembered that it was Han Zhuoling who was in front of him!

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