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She did not know that this boy was actually so thoughtful.

If he was like this from the start, how could it be that he only found a wife now


Old Madam Han cursed in her heart again, she had not even acknowledged Lu Man yet, why was she already calling her his wife.

“Aiya, youre eating now Thats great, I was just thinking about drinking some hot soup,” Old Madam Han did not treat herself as an outsider and pulled Shen Nuo to sit at the table.

The good thing was that Auntie Liu had already considered and thought of everything, feeling that Lu Man had just joined the crew and was a newcomer, if they had free time, it would be good if she could invite everyone to come over and have some home-cooked food.

Although usually, eating home-cooked food was not that exciting, but when filming outstation for a long period of time, only being able to eat packaged food, it was a very rare opportunity.

It would even help Lu Man bond better with her colleagues.

Today, she did bring over any colleagues, but they had enough cutlery ready for everyone.

Auntie Liu helped the Old Madam and Shen Nuo set up the cutlery, but whod know that old lady did not forget about the previous topic, “Lu Man, why did you not even ask who is standing outside before opening the door just now Were you waiting for someone”

Lu Man: “…”

“I dont know if you believe me or not, but I had a hunch that you would come to look for me,” Lu Man said, seemingly smiling, but yet not smiling completely.

The old lady muttered, “Little Fox.”

“Im telling you, in this messy and superficial entertainment circle, you need to protect yourself well.

If the director wants to do the casting couch with you, you definitely cant agree! You should not betray yourself just to become famous! Moreover, dont have any one-night stand with your male co-stars just because they are good looking, also you cant start to have feelings because you are acting as lovers either,” the old lady instructed, not at all at ease, as if she were instructing her granddaughter-in-law.

Her grandson had found a girlfriend with so much difficulty, what if she ran off


The old lady cursed in her heart again, she had yet to acknowledge Lu Man!

“…” Lu Man helplessly said, “Old Madam, I already have a boyfriend.”

“Of course I know you have a boyfriend.” The old lady stopped for a while, scared that she had accidentally said something wrong and spill the beans, thus she hurriedly said, “Didnt you say it this morning Im just scared that you cant stand the temptations.”

Lu Man had already guessed Old madam and Shen Nuos identities a long time ago.

Actually, at first, when they just started climbing, she really did not know who they were.

But when she was piggy-backing the old lady, around halfway to the top, she suddenly thought about the news regarding Shen Nuo she had seen in her past life.

The Old Master Han and Old Madam Han had not made a public appearance for a very long time but Han Xijin and Shen Nuo were the current family head couple and it was required of them to make public appearances often.

At first, Lu Man had felt that Shen Nuo looked quite familiar, and also felt that the Old Madam and Shen Nuos appearance was too sudden, but later on, she finally remembered that she had seen Shen Nuo in the news before.

Thus, she knew then that the two of them had probably hidden it from Han Zhuoli and came to test her.

Lu Man could not help but find it interesting, she did not think that they would actually do that.

Although the old lady said that she did not like how scheming she was, neither did she come to her and warn her to leave Han Zhouli nor did she confront her and tell her that she was not worthy of Han Zhuoli.

Instead, they silently came here to observe her closely, to see if she really had a good personality and morals.

Even though often Old Madam Hans words were harsh and she kept nagging all the time, she never did anything to embarrass her.

On the other hand, that awkward look was actually quite cute.

Before this, no matter how much Lu Man imagined, she had never thought that Han Zhuolis grandma and mother would actually be like this in real life.

Not only Han Zhuoli was very cute, but his grandma and his mother were also very cute.

Lu Man smiled understandingly and spoke in a slightly prideful tone, “My boyfriend is the best, hes the most outstanding and most accomplished, and hes even good-looking.

I already have a brilliant boyfriend, why would I need to look for some other person You dont know, but I definitely wont be tempted by other men, because they simply arent even on the same level as him.”


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