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Chapter 2841: Who Knew That They Would Be So Wrong

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“feel that I cant eat with them alone.” Even the older Young Master Han had to admit defeat when facing Han Zhuolis insane bragging.

[really cant take it.” Han Zhuolings voice sounded pitiful.

“So I am thinkin;

“Thinking of calling me to bear it with you” said Shi Xiaoya, laughing.

She did not feel angry to be dragged in by Han Zhuoling.

Instead, she felt Han Zhuoling was adorable!

“No way.

How can I share my troubles with you” Han Zhuoling denied seriously.

“I just need you to give me some courage.

With you, I can have the courage to face the coming bragging.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


“Fine, I will come now.” Shi Xiaoya looked at the time.

It was the traffic peak time during break time.

It was not that time yet, so traffic should be better.

“I should be able to arrive by 12.”

“Dont rush here.

Safety is your priority,” instructed Han Zhuoling.

“Its fine to arrive later.

Worse comes to worst, we will just let Zhuoli and Lu Man eat first.

We can arrive later.”

He could even listen to less of Han Zhuolis bragging that way.

Han Zhuoling felt that it was pretty good to be slightly late.

Shi Xiaoya agreed and left the house.

However, what made Han Zhuoling sad was that Shi Xiaoya still arrived before 12.

The people of the Han Corporation knew Shi Xiaoya.

Because she was the makeup artist who belonged to the Han Corporation.

Before she had her own workshop, her office was also in the Han Corporation.

Even after she had her own workshop, the workshop still belonged to the Han Corporation.

From time to time, she had to come back to the Han Corporation to have meetings.

So the employees of the Han Corporation were familiar with her.

They just did not expect that in the blink of an eye, Shi Xiaoya would become the wife of the Han Familys oldest son.

‘When Shi Xiaoya was in the Han Corporation, they had not heard about it.

They felt that Shi Xiaoya was really low-key.

It was the perfect example of “A wise person keeps a closed mouth.”

They had never seen Shi Xiaoya showing off.

Usually, when she ate and talked with the female employees, she was just a young lady who had a good personality and loved to laugh.

They did not expect that she had such a huge support behind her.

Shi Xiaoya even became Han Zhuolings wife.

The female employees of the Han Corporation had been warned by others from the day they joined to not think that they were Cinderella, hoping to be with Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling just because they thought they looked decent.

This was for their own good.

If they wanted to keep their jobs, they should work responsibly.

The company did not forbid office romances, but there was an exception for those few from the Han Family.

There were also people who were very confident in their own charm and who were ambitious.

They just had to try despite all the warnings.

All of them ended up crying waterfalls as they packed their things and were kicked out of the Han Corporation.

With so many lessons from the past, even those who had this idea also gave up and did not dare to think of it anymore.

Everyone thought that Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were not willing to find love in the company, as if they were hares who did not eat the grass around their burrow.

Who knew that they would be so wrong!

Han Zhuoling got together with Shi Xiaoya.

This was still alright as Shi Xiaoyas workshop was only under the Han Corporation.

She was not completely considered as an employee of the Han Corporation.

Han Zhuoli was even worse.

He got together with Lu Man, who was an employee of the Public Relations Department back then.

‘What happened to not finding a girlfriend among the female employees in the company

Not only did she become a girlfriend, they even got married!

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