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Chapter 2845: He Might Not Even Be Able to Spend Peaceful Days Without Being Bullied

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“Mhmm, I know,” said Jiang Yujie softly.

After hanging up, Jiang Yujie looked outside the window and sighed.

Her older brother was proven innocent and was saved.

Lu Qiyuan also got the punishment he deserved.

However, she could not just forget her past.

No matter the reason, to others, she had been Lu Qiyuans mistress before.

She saved Jiang Huaizhou.

But she did not know how to face Jiang Huaizhou.

She did not know how to face her past.


Before she even met Jiang Huaizhou, she already felt ashamed.

She already made a decision in her heart, but Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not know yet.

The three of them arrived at the entrance of the prison.

They were impatient and looked forward to it, so they could not help but look inside.

Even if they could not see anything, they still could not stop looking.

Finally, after theyd waited for a while

The gate in front opened slowly.

They saw a young adult walk out from inside.

The shirt he wore was one that Mrs.

Jiang had sent him not long ago.

It was so that when he came out, he would have new clothes to wear.

He could bid farewell to the past and start fresh.

Jiang Yujie saw Jiang Huaizhou and her vision became blurry.

Jiang Huaizhou didnt change much, but he was skinnier now.

His hairstyle was now a buzz cut.

Looking at him, the lines of his facial features were more obvious than before, and he looked tougher.

His innocence had finally been proven.

But after going through all this, the handsome young man of before could never return.

Jiang Huaizhou looked calmer and was even a little quiet.

Jiang Yujie did not know what he had experienced in prison.

Jiang Huaizhou might not tell her either.

Jiang Yujie also knew that he could not have had a good life in a place like that.

It would be good enough if he had not been bullied.

It might not have been possible to have peaceful days without being bullied.

“Huaizhou!” Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang went forward.

When Jiang Huaizhou saw them, he shook with excitement.

Soon after, the three were hugging each other tightly.

“Its good that youre out, good that youre out,” said Mrs.

Jiang, crying.


Jiang was not good with words, and he was used to being a strict father, so he did not say much, but his eyes were red.

Jiang Huaizhou released the two and looked at Jiang Yujie, who was watching him from the side.


Jiang saw this and said, “Huaizhou, you were released this time all thanks to Yujie.”


Jiang did not tell Jiang Huaizhou what means Jiang Yujie had used.


Jiang felt that the past was in the past.

Jiang Yujie had made such a huge sacrifice, so why should he reveal her scars

Jiang Yujie was unwilling to mention the past too, so they just pretended it did not exist.

What was the use of saying all that

It was enough just to remember Jiang Yujies sacrifice.

If they told Jiang Huaizhou, Jiang Yujie would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Yujie did not want Jiang Huaizhou to know as well.

Before they came, Jiang Yujie even told them to not tell Jiang Huaizhou what she had done.

She knew that Jiang Huaizhou would not look down on her because of this.

However, she was scared that Jiang Huaizhou would blame himself and not be able to get over it.

Jiang Yujie wanted to save him and give him a good life.

She did not want Jiang Huaizhou to suffer and not get over it, trapping himself after he got out and found out about her.

So Mr.

Jiang promised.

He was not scared that Jiang Huaizhou would suffer, but he was afraid that Jiang Yujie would not get over it herself.

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