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Chapter 2846: A Genius Since Childhood

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This was not a glorious thing even if it was for the sake of saving Jiang Huaizhou.

Did Jiang Yujie not mind at all

No, she did mind.

So she had asked Mr.

Jiang to hide it.


Jiang knew this clearly.

He did not feel that Jiang Yujie was embarrassing, but he had to consider Jiang Yujies feelings.

However, he could not just hide away Jiang Yujies effort.

So he said to Jiang Huaizhou, “In order to save you, Yujie suffered a lot and took a lot of risks to obtain the evidence.”

Tears welled up in Mr.

Jiangs eyes.

“Back then… its because we did not trust you enough.

Even after we gave up, Yujie did not give up and kept believing in you.


“She even argued with us because of this.

When we doubted you, she stood on your side.

And she was not just speaking empty words, she really put in the work.

Since you got into trouble, she had been thinking of solutions and finally saved you,” said Mr.

Jiang, full of guilt.

“Dad,” called Jiang Yujie hurriedly.

“Its a good thing that Brother is out now.

We dont need to care about other things.”

“Yes, we dont need to care about other things,” said Mr.

Jiang to Jiang Yujie, meanings hidden in his words.

Jiang Yujie understood.

She opened her mouth as her eyes became red.

“Dad, I know,” Jiang Huaizhou said softly as he tumed around and looked at Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie did not really want to meet Jiang Huaizhous gaze.


Jiang gave a meaningful pat on Jiang Huaizhous shoulder.

“Huaizhou, you just have to remember that Yujie sacrificed a lot to save you.

Take good care of her and dont let her down, Dont let anyone bully her.”

“Of course,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

After saying that, Jiang Huaizhou went to Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie gave a short smile and said, “Dad, Mom, Brother, lets get in the car quickly.

Lets go home first.”

“Yes, yes, go home first,” said Mrs.


“Dad, I can drive back, so you can talk to Big Brother,” Jiang Yujie said to Mr.



Jiang was the one who drove there.

“Its fine, let me drive,” said Mr.

Jiang, smiling, “You should rest.”

As they were getting in the car, Mrs.

Jiang naturally sat on the front passengers seat.

Jiang Yujie could only sit behind with Jiang Huaizhou.

Luckily, Mrs.

Jiang had a lot to tell Jiang Huaizhou, so she did not stop talking.

“prepared some food, all of which you love.

I made a table full of food for you tonight,” said Mrs.


“Okay.” Jiang Huaizhou nodded.

He turned to look at Jiang Yujie.

“Yujie, it has been hard for you these two years.”

Jiang Yujie shook her head.

With Jiang Huaizhou sitting beside her, she felt more secure.

“Its nothing.

With you here, our family will only get better and better.”


Jiang and Mr.

Jiang actually felt a little worried.

Even though Jiang Huaizhou had been framed, many people would misunderstand the fact that he went into jail.

People would not care that he was framed, and how many would believe him

It would definitely be difficult for Jiang Huaizhou to find a job outside.

But he was still so young, and his personality would not allow him to waste his life doing nothing.

They did not know how many obstacles he would have to face going forward.

Jiang Huaizhou had been a genius since childhood.

He was also handsome, so he was always popular with the girls.

Ever since he entered school, there had been countless people who liked him.

However, Jiang Huaizhou always prioritized his education..

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