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Chapter 2853: Why Are You So Eager to Say This Now

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Jiang probably regretted his previous behavior.

So he did not have that expression that looked like he was carefully observing and worried about what was going on between the two of them.

Instead, he wore a bright smile.

“Back so soon” said Mr.

Jiang, smiling.

It was like he was not worried about the two hanging out alone anymore.

Jiang Huaizhou smiled.

“We guessed that Mom must be almost done with cooking, so we hurried back and made it in time.

“We just came out of the elevator when we smelled the familiar smell of food,” said Jiang Huaizhou, smiling.


He had not eaten food from home in two years.

How could the prison food be good

He ate to not starve.

When they thought about this, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not feel good in their hearts.

Jiang Yujie helped to bring the food to the table.

“Come, eat more.”

After two years, he was finally eating the food at home again.

It felt rare and made him cherish it.

Jiang Huaizhou lowered his head as he ate.

He almost cried when he took his first bite.

Luckily, he held it in.

After the meal, Mrs.

Jiang brought the fruits to the table.


Jiang thought for a while and hesitated before asking, “Huaizhou, in the future… what are your plans”


Jiang pulled Mr.

Jiang, complaining, “He just came back.

Why are you so eager to say this now

“He had suffered so much and is finally home.

He should rest for a while.

He can also take this time to think about it carefully.

Theres no need to rush, take it slowly,” said Mrs.


“Dont stress him out.”

Jiang Huaizhou was in a difficult situation.

Jobs could not always be found.

It was hard even for ordinary people to find a good job, not to mention Jiang Huaizhou.

Embarrassed, Mr.

Jiang nodded.

“I was too impatient.

Huaizhou, I didnt mean to rush you.

Dont be stressed out.”

“Yes,” said Mrs.


“Your dad and I have savings, and the retirement pension is also enough.

The money that you saved when you worked previously has been kept and not touched by us.

Its not a small amount.”


Jiang knew Jiang Huaizhous pride, so she said, “If you dont want to use our money, your own money is enough.

Our family is doing pretty well now; you dont have to give us money for living expenses like you used to.”

Jiang Yujie suddenly stood up.


Jiang, Mrs.

Jiang, and Jiang Huaizhou were all surprised and confused as their gazes followed Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie went back to her bedroom.


Jiang looked at Mrs.

Jiang strangely.

Because of what happened in the afternoon, Mr.

Jiang still felt unsettled and a little guilty.

He was afraid that Jiang Yujie was still unhappy.

Jiang Huaizhou said, “Ill go take a look.”

“Okay.” Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang nodded at the same time.

Jiang Huaizhou had just gotten up when he saw Jiang Yujie coming out.

Seeing that he got up, Jiang Yujie felt strange.

“Big Brother, where are you going”

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Yujie, Jiang Huaizhou shook his head and sat back down.


Why did you go back to the room just now”

Jiang Yujie sat down, extended her arms, and opened her palms.

In her hands was a bank card.

Surprised, Jiang Huaizhou looked at her.

“Big Brother, this card is for you,” said Jiang Yujie.

At first, she wanted to give it to Jiang Huaizhou alone.

She did not want to show it in front of Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.


She thought that Jiang Huaizhou would definitely not accept it, so it would be better for her to persuade Jiang Huaizhou in private.

However, after seeing Mr.

Jiangs gaze, she was afraid that Mr.

Jiang would misunderstand if she entered Jiang Huaizhous room alone.

And it would take more than a while to persuade Jiang Huaizhou successfully.

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