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Chapter 2856: What Was This

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Jiang said in agony, “Already sacrificed so much.

How can he take your money”

Jiang Yujie froze.

The smile that Jiang Huaizhou gave her froze, then it slowly faded.

She could have any expression.

She lowered her head.

Her throat was blocked and she could not speak.

Jiang Huaizhou said, “Dad, I wont let Yujie suffer.

Trust me.

Besides, Yujie is not giving me money, shes lending it to me.

I am not just taking it.”

He said this to prevent Jiang Yujie from really giving him the money, just like what Mr.

Jiang had said.


What was this

As she did not believe Jiang Huaizhou back then and had given up on such a simple thing, Mrs.

Jiang had always felt guilty towards Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie saved Jiang Huaizhou, but that was between Jiang Yujie and Jiang Huaizhou.

She could not treat Jiang Yujies favor for Jiang Huaizhou as her own.

That was two different things.

Jiang Yujies sacrifice was huge.

How could she take it as a mother

Besides, Mrs.

Jiang felt that she had to make Jiang Huaizhou remember the good in Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujies sacrifice could not be wasted.

Even now, just by thinking about it, Mrs.

Jiangs heart would be in agony.

Even if it was for Jiang Huaizhou, she was unwilling to let Jiang Yujie make such a huge sacrifice.

It was because of this that all the more, she could not feel that she had done Jiang Huaizhou a favor just because of Jiang Yujies sacrifice.


Jiang got up and, after a while, she took out a box.

She opened the box, and there were a bank card and a passbook.

“Dear, this is our familys savings from these two years,” said Mrs.

Jiang, “We have spent all the money before for Huaizhous litigation.

This is the money we saved again in these two years.

Although its not much, it can be of use.

Many a little makes a mickle.

“Our previous savings were not much as you two kids were not working, We could not save a lot.

These two years, Yujie has started working and does not need us to pay for anything, so we saved the money.

After calculating, its almost the same as the money we saved previously for more than a decade.”


Jiang placed alll of these on the coffee table and moved them in front of Jiang Huaizhou.

“Huaizhou, take these.

And this…”


Jiang took out another card.

“This is what you gave to me for keeping back then.

I havent touched the money inside, so I am returning it to you.”

Jiang Huaizhou only took his own card.

“This card is for you.

Its for you to live a life.”

“Our retirement pensions are enough.

After Yujie started working, we dont need to worry, so where can we spend your money on” said Mrs.


“I was thinking that after you came out, you wont be able to find a suitable job for a while.

These can support you, whether you want to start your own

business or rest for some time.

This money is your driving force, so I kept it and didnt touch it.”

Jiang Huaizhou only took his own card.


Jiang was his stepmother.

However, there was nothing to discuss regarding that.

Because she was afraid that he would feel bad, she had treated him even better.

“can just take back whats mine,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“Keep whats yours for retirement, just in case.

If there is something wrong, this can be used as an emergency fund.”


Jiang said without caring, “If theres something wrong, can you and Yujie not care”

Jiang Yujie backed up Jiang Huaizhou and said, “Mom, you and Dad should keep this money.

Its not that we wont care..”

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