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Chapter 2858: The Place Where He Touched His Heart Also Became Hotter

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Jiang was speechless.


Jiang shook her head, saying, “Dont think that way.

We have thought it through.

As long as our family is here, anywhere can be our home.

No matter what, you siblings will ensure that well have a place to stay, right Besides, although this house is rented, I am pretty satisfied with staying here.


environment and the size, arent they all better than our initial place We have thought about improving our living environment and moving to a new house.

“Nowy, it just means that were moving later,” said Mrs.


“Besides, Yujie believes in you and so do I.

With your ability, how can you let us stay in a house that is not our own”

Seeing that Jiang Huaizhou did not say anything, Mrs.

Jiang smiled and said, “However, dont give yourself too much pressure.

Even someone like me, who does not know about anything, knows the difficulty of starting a business.

Its not just all talk, nor can you be successful just because you have a plan.

There are many people who want to be successful, but arent there only a few who actually succeeded

“Dont rush it.

Take it one step at a time.

Slowly and steadily, everything will change for the better one day,” said Mrs.


“So dont stress yourself out.

Dont think that because we have no house, you have to succeed quickly.

I know a phrase,Haste makes waste. Its better to take it slowly so we wont be

so worried.

“I dont wish that our family can be very wealthy.

As long as you are all fine, then its fine for me.” Mrs.

Jiang sniffled.

“Anyway, were not in a rush, so dont stress yourself out.

You can use five years or ten years, then move us to a huge villa.

At that time, it wont be about getting a loan to buy a small house.

Dont you think so”

“Okay,” answered Jiang Huaizhou.

Since Mrs.

Jiang already said this, Jiang Huaizhou would not argue further, so he agreed.

That night, the four said goodnight to each other.

Jiang Huaizhou retumed to his own bedroom and lay on his soft, comfortable, and huge bed as he let out a sigh, cherishing this moment.

Only after experiencing that kind of life in prison could he cherish his current life more.

He did not wish for immense wealth.

He even cherished these ordinary days.

But tonight, his whole family supported him.

They almost dug out everything their family had to support him; this made Jiang Huaizhou unable to continue this ordinary life.

Faced with his familys support and hope, he must also be diligent to not fail them.

Jiang Huaizhou closed his eyes, and his heart felt warm when he thought about what Jiang Yujie said tonight.

He placed his hand on his heart.

After a long time, his palm became gradually hotter; the place where he touched his heart also became hotter.


The next day, Jiang Huaizhou told Jiang Yujie his plan.

He already had a plan.

Without his family members and her support, and only depending on Jiang Huaizhous money in his own card, the progress would have been slower as he would have had to take it slow.

However, he had the support of his family, so he could speed up.

Jiang Huaizhou first checked the leftover money in his own bank card.

It was a lot more than he expected.

“You also said that I am great in investments.

When I was inside, I didnt have an understanding of the current situation.

However, it cant be compared to being outside, where the news updates are much faster.

So during these few days, I plan to understand the news and analyze it, then I will start testing

the waters,” said Jiang Huaizhou..

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