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Chapter 2868: Laughing Bitterly Through Her Tears

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Lu Qi pointed at He Zhengbai.

“Do you know hes married And Im the wife!”

“Dont spout nonsense!” He Zhengbai strode over furiously, grabbed her wrist, and growled, “Did you forget those photos”

Lu Qi did not have He Zhengbais worries, so she continued at the top of her voice, “I dont care anymore! Im fine with perishing together with bast*rds like you! You think Ive got nothing on you You had an extra-marital affair, seducing Sun Jingfei.

Does Sun Jingfei know youre married If I exposed

this, you and Sun Jingfei are done for! You think the Sun family will let you all off”

Lu Qi sneered, turning to Sun Jingfei.

“Youre the third party here, do you know”

Sun Jingfeis expression changed, and she pressed He Zhengbai.

“Whats happening here”

“So you didnt know!” Lu Qi cackled.

“This bast*rd is in a sham marriage!

“The two old things said I was the one clinging to He Zhengbai Bah!” Lu Qi spat.

“Had I known hes such a swine, I wouldnt have married him! He saw that my dad liked only me, and with Lu Man having no place at home, she was useless to him, so he sought me out instead.

“Their whole family only have eyes for profit! You think He Zhengbai really likes you Theyre only looking at the Sun family behind you.

This whole family has no conscience! Theyre all jerks!” Lu Qi proclaimed loudly.

“Youre crazy.” He Zhengbai gripped Lu Qis wrist tightly.

He used so much force, it was as if he was wishing he could crush her wrist to pieces right then.

Lu Qi was already pale from the pain, but the fury churning in her made her bear the pain in silence even if it was unbearable.

Encountering such a twist in fate really made her able to withstand anything.

Otherwise, if this was in the past, Lu Qi would have started shouting and crying from such pain a long time ago.

“Pooh! Im not crazy! Youre just slandering me to hide your panic because I exposed your familys dirty linens!” Lu Qi said shrilly.

“Sun Jingfei, if you didnt know hes already married, then Ill tell you now.

Youve been cheated by them all along! Youve become the third party! Being with this man wont bring you good outcomes! Just look at me now.

“Were both women, so let me advise you: dont trust him!” Lu Qi said loudly.

“And youre a daughter of a wealthy family, so you have no shortage of suitors! Why do you have to be with him and interfere in others marriage”

“Youre crazy!” He Zhengbai roared.

He quickly said to Sun Jingfei, “Jingfei, shes just crazy.

You know that shes down-and-out now, so shes pestering me, but I didnt agree.

Shes probably gotten delusional from overthinking, imagining everythings real.”

He Zhengbai quickly argued, “She thought we really married, but actually, we dont have anything between us at all!”

Sun Jingfei looked at He Zhengbai, then looked at Lu Qi.

Then she tumed to look at the furious He Qingyang and Yang Lin, having no idea who to believe right then.

Hearing He Zhengbais words, Lu Qi turned towards the heavens and laughed loudly, “Hahahahahahahahaha!”

Tears leaked from her eyes as she laughed, and it was all from bitterness and sadness.

Who knew that after all her scheming and planning, shed lose all she could depend on and end up with this

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