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Chapter 2874: Having Flings Left and Right

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“If that happens, theyd have no choice but to say publicly that theyd been duped by you.

Sun Jingfei is innocent.

It has nothing to do with the Sun family.

Its all the despicable He familys fault and the Sun family is merely a victim.

Moreover, after theyve said such words, do you think the Sun family

would allow the marriage with the He family

“Theyd avoid you with a ten-foot pole to prevent being dragged down by you.” Lu Qi was clear.

He Zhengbai couldnt rebuke her words.

The photos he had were a threat to her.

But he was no goody-two-shoes either.

He Zhengbai had confidently told everyone he was a bachelor previously.

Now, he was having an extra-marital affair, and the third party wasnt someone unknown, nor was she someone he could offend.

The moment he exposed her photos, Lu Qi would let go of all restraints and expose his deeds.

He Zhengbai would gain nothing.

Both were wary of each other and of the evidence they had against each other.

Hence, Lu Qi dared to create such a scene.

“So what do you want” He Zhengbai growled.

Lu Qi didnt state her conditions hurriedly, instead asking, “You already knew about what Ive said, dont you Just admit it.”

“Whether I admit it or not, cant you just say your conditions and be done with it Stop f*cking wasting my time!” He Zhengbai didnt even like listening to Lu Qi speak now.

‘The comer of Lu Qi lips curled uncaringly.

“Admit it, then well continue talking.

Otherwise, youll think you have the upperhand, and youll bargain with me nonstop after Ive stated my conditions.

It would be meaningless.”

Its hard to imagine.

What used to be a sweet couple

Had now become calculating against the other.

He Zhengbai took a deep breath and walked to her car.

“Well have a good talk inside the car.

I admit it, and now were at an impasse.

Were both stuck on the same ground.

We can discuss anything.”

Lu Qi called him “bast*rd” in her heart and unlocked her car.

Both entered the backseat.

He Zhengbai obviously didnt want to waste any more time.

Since Sun Jingfei was still waiting in the villa.

‘Who knew what she was thinking right now

He Zhengbai only wished his parents could calm her down and not let her leave yet.

Hed console her properly after he returned.

“What exactly do you want” He Zhengbai asked.

“know you have no feelings for me anymore, and I wont delay the divorce on purpose.

It wouldnt do us good.”

But He Zhengbai refused to believe Lu Qi was so easygoing.

“So Your conditions”

“Youre pretty smart now, eh” Lu Qi chuckled.

But half her face was swollen.

Her smile only made her face look even more terrifying.

Extremely ugly.

“Lets set aside the fact that youve cheated my feelings, lied to me, and brought harm to my parents.

Theyre old already, yet they still landed in jail.

Youve taken so much from the Lu family, yet you refuse to give me a little bit of that money.

Such greed is immoral.

“You said I had an affair and made you a cuckold, but thats because youve done it first! Before that, I never thought of doing you any wrong and never did.

You were the one instead who kept your marriage a secret, having flings left and right, completely forgetting Im your wife..”

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