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Chapter 2878: She Really Dared to Say These

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He Zhengbai was enraged by her gaze.

But he still had to hold it in.

“I can agree with the first condition on my own, without my familys opinions.

However, regarding the other two, I will need to go back to discuss it with them.”

Lu Qi sneered.

“Youre already so old, but you still need to be subservient to others.

You cant even make a decision on your own.

You have to discuss everything with your family like a mommys boy.

“Why did I like you back then” Lu Qi rolled her eyes, showing her disgust.

He Zhengbai clicked his tongue.

“Back then, its you who gave everything to gain me.

The one who is stupid is you.”

He Zhengbai did not say anything more to Lu Qi and got out of the car.

As long as Lu Qi would not mess things up for now, He Zhengbai had nothing to say to her.

He had to rush back to appease Sun Jingfei.

How He Zhengbai was able to coax Sun Jingfei would not be discussed for now.

Or it should be said that Sun Jingfei made He Zhengbai believe that he had already coaxed her without suspecting anything.

He Zhengbai was even joyful and proud.

He felt that he had found a rich idiot for himself.

After they get married, Sun Jingfei would still be at his disposal.

That time, Sun Jingfei would be all his.

Although Lu Qi had caused a mess, Sun Jingfei still stayed with the He family for dinner.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin tried their best to talk bad about Lu Qi.

They pushed all the blame on Lu Qi.

He Zhengbai became an honest person who had been framed.

“Because of their past relationship, Zhengbai was soft-hearted and did not do anything.

Who would have expected Lu Qi to be so ambitious The lies that she created even deceived herself.

She brainwashed herself every day, to the point where she really thinks that she has something with Zhengbai.


is too disgusting.” Yang Lins bold and vigorous look could not be seen anymore; she had a benign face now.

“Twas single last time, so it didnt matter if I was soft-hearted,” said He Zhengbai.

“But since I already have Jingfei now, I cant be soft-hearted anymore.

It wont be fair to Jingfei otherwise.

I cant let Jingfei be ridiculed.”

Sun Jingfei looked at He Zhengbai with admiration, touched by what he said.

She did not even want to eat anymore.

He Zhengbai felt a sense of accomplishment.

He looked back at Sun Jingfei, full of love.

“From now on, I wont let Lu Qi off the hook so easily.

If she talks nonsense again, I wont let her have her way.”

“Yes, thats what you should do,” said Yang Lin, nodding in agreement.

He Qingyang really wanted to meet the Sun family to make sure this matter was set as soon as possible.

Or else, with that unstable time bomb Lu Qi around, it would be too dangerous.

However, if they set it too early, He Qingyang was worried that Lu Qi would have another trick up her sleeve.

So he did not bring it up for now.

Sun Jingfei knew this clearly.

They did not dare to mention it because they felt guilty.

He Qingyang did not dare to mention it, so Sun Jingfei did not have the intention to bring it up herself.

She could accept this marriage.

However, they had to deal with Lu Qis matter first.

She could not just get into this marriage without knowing anything.

After dinner, He Zhengbai sent Sun Jingfei back to her home and returned to the He familys villa alone.

He told He Qingyang and Yang Lin about Lu Qis conditions.

Yang Lin was so angry that she cursed straight away.

“That little b*tch, she really dared to say these!”

“Hmph, even though its only her now, she still dared to talk about conditions with our family.

Why doesnt she look at what situation shes in right now Nobody is supporting her and shes all alone.

Where did her courage come from!” said He Qingyang, full of rage.

He Zhengbai had a sinister and ruthless expression.

“I also think that we cant agree to her demands..

Shes all alone, and she still dares to make us bow down to her”

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