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Chapter 2881: I Accept Your Conditions

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“What are you scared of” said He Qingyang softly.

“Zhengbai is your son, so is he my son.”

He continued, “How can I let anything happen to him”

He Zhengbai did not say a word.

After Yang Lin heard this, she asked, “Then do you have a plan Can you promise that nothing will happen to Zhengbai”

He Zhengbai also looked at He Qingyang anxiously.

“We rent a house first,” said He Qingyang.

“Find those clueless landlords or those that dont require a tenant ID.

Many people will skip a lot of steps to save costs.

A shabby last-minute accommodation for those migrant workers to stay in is fine too.

“Give some money and rent it for some time,” said He Qingyang, “Then, get Lu Qi there and light it on fire, burning her to death.

“If she turns to ash, what can they investigate” said He Qingyang, “Even the room you stayed in, no matter what trace you leave, it will be burned to a crisp by the flames.

By then, who can they connect it to”

However, the fact that he still had to do it himself made He Zhengbai a little worried.

But this was already on He Qingyangs plate.

And He Qingyang had planned it himself.

Now, He Zhengbai could not even regret it.

And he could not make a fool of himself.

He Zhengbai understood too well that He Qingyang hated people who had no ambitions and courage.

Even his own son had to have courage and wisdom to be valued by him.

He would do anything to reach his goal.

He Zhengbai did not want to lose to his older brother He Zhengsong, and he wanted to be valued by He Qingyang.

If he didnt do it, he would suffer when its time to divide the family property.

So he had to keep having something to show for.

Just like his attitude towards Lu Qi now.

He had to make a decision when it was time to decide.

‘Whether she used to be his own girlfriend or fiancée.

Whether there was true love or it was just an act.

Even if Lu Qi had given her all for him, when it was time to abandon her, he could not be soft-hearted.

He Qingyang would find a house.

He Zhengbai would not need to show himself.

This made He Zhengbai a little relieved.

At least He Qingyangs stance was to make sure that he was safe.

During this time, He Zhengbai did not contact Lu Qi.

Lu Qi was not ina rush as well.

Anyway, the one who was impatient to get a divorce was not her.

Yes, her photos were with He Zhengbai.

However, she also had leverage over him.

So she was not afraid that He Zhengbai would post her photos.

But the problem was Sun Jingfei; she could calm herself down.

‘Whether Sun Jingfei believed her or not, Sun Jingfei did not come and find her.

Lu Qi felt that even if she did not believe it, she had to at least have doubts.

After all, she had said so much, and in the end, He Zhengbai could not even refute it.

Anyone would have doubts in that situation.

If there were doubts, they would come to her for proof.

However, Sun Jingfei did not.

Even if she believed it, she still did not come to convince Lu Qi to divorce He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi felt that this woman was too calm.

She was like Lu Man, and Lu Qi did not like that.

Just as Lu Qi was wondering how long He Zhengbai was going to let her wait, she got a phone call from him.

“Taccept your conditions,” said He Zhengbai through the phone.

“Which one are you accepting” Lu Qi still remembered that she gave him two choices.

“Divorce me half a month earlier and I will give you a hundred million,” said He Zhengbai, gritting his teeth.

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