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Chapter 2883: The One Who Burned Lu Man to Death Was He Zhengbai

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In fact, there were not many people in the sample houses at night.

It could be said that He Qingyang was really thorough in planning.

He made people rent a sample house here for a month.

The worker that rented the house to him felt that it was free money to be earned.

These sample houses did not have any documentation.

They were built last minute for the convenience of the workers and did not have any safety standards.

There was someone who even wanted to rent this type of house.

And the amount he gave was not little, so of course that worker was happy.

After talking to his pal, he took some money out to pay rent so that he could stay with his pal for some time.

He could earn the rest of the money back.

Since it was a house with no guarantee, he would definitely not ask He Qingyang for ID nor ask to sign a contract.

After the payment, the deal was complete.

If anything happened afterward, there was nobody that could be found.

He Qingyang saw this, so he chose that place.

Lu Qi drove and followed the GPS to the place He Zhengbai said.

As it was a building that was still in construction, there was no light at night.

This place had not been developed, so there were no bus stops or subway stations.

Furthermore, during this time, even the sample houses around them had no lights.

Everyone was resting.

Lu Qi followed He Zhengbais directions and, after entering, found a sample house located in the most inner part.

Although this sample house was small, it came with a courtyard.

The courtyard was divided into two.

The neighboring house was being rented by other people.

They had built a barbeque stall back when the weather was still warm.

At night, the residents and the people who worked here would come to drink beer and eat barbeque.

The owner of the stall also took over the courtyard of this house.

Although it was a courtyard, actually, it was just a plain land that was simply fenced up.

Now, the weather was cold, so the barbeque stall was not open anymore.

The owner switched to selling some home cooking, like ribs with rice and such, and sold three meals a day to the construction workers.

At night, they would close and leave on time.

So now, the sample house that He Zhengbai directed her to was only a plain land on the left and an empty house on the right.

Lu Qi used the flashlight function of her phone to shine her way in.

She frowned as it was hard to walk on this uneven land.

He Zhengbai, who had been waiting in the house for a long time, saw the light outside, but he still did not dare to show himself.

When he saw that it was Lu Qi and confirmed that nobody followed her, he opened the door and greeted her.


Lu Qi had wanted to find someone to come with her.

But she did not have any friends, and she could not afford to pay people to come with her, so she could only come by herself.

It was also because no matter how bad they fought, Lu Qi did not imagine He Zhengbai would do such a horrible thing to her.

Who would expect that her past lover and her current husband would want to kill her when disagreements arose

Lu Qi did not know that in their past life, the one who burned Lu Man to death was He Zhengbai.

No matter how ruthless Lu Qi was, she had actually never thought of taking Lu Mans life.

It was He Zhengbai who said that if people knew that she had an older sister who was in jail for eight years, it would be disadvantageous to Lu Qi.

Not to mention, after Lu Man came out of jail, she already knew about He Zhengbai and Lu Qi.

She had created a mess in the Lu family already.

Out of shame-fueled rage, who knew whether she would expose the fact that Lu Mans partner cheated with Lu Qi

What if she said that Lu Qi snatched He Zhengbai, who was once Lu Mans fiancee

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