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Chapter 2889: Whether He Could Live

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When it was torn off, a layer of his skin came off as well.

There was also cloth left from his pants on his legs.

The doctors and nurses kept these and handed them to the police.

Nobody knew whether the flames and the explosion tonight were an accident, a planned accident, or… a murder.

They kept everything that was on He Zhengbai and gave it to the police as evidence.

He Zhengbais current state was terrible.

One of his ears was gone, and that wound was already burned.

The blood had stopped flowing out.

But his face and body were burned to black.

Most of the skin on his body had been burned and was covered with blisters of all sizes.

Even his private part had been burned, rendering it useless.

With his current state, whether he could live or not was unknown.


The next day, Lu Man was in Han Zhuolis office.

Ever since she started coming to work with him every day, Lu Man gradually got used to it.

If Han Zhuoli was busy at noon and had to socialize, or if he had a meeting and needed to eat during that meeting, Lu Man would go to the Public Relations Department and eat with her former co-workers.

Her days were very fruitful.

Now that she was four months pregnant, her stomach was beginning to get bigger.

Lu Man was eating fruits on the couch in Han Zhuolis office.

Han Zhuoli did not have anything to do now, so he stayed with Lu Man.

Then, Zheng Tianming entered after knocking on the door a few times.

“What is it” Han Zhuoli thought that it was about work.

But after Zheng Tianming entered, he looked at Lu Man, then at Han Zhuoli, before saying, “CEO, Madam, I just received news about Lu Qi and He Zhengbai.

Do you guys want to know about it”

Han Zhuoli was speechless.

He talked about Han Zhuolis wifes ex-boyfriend the moment he entered.

Was this suitable

Zheng Tianming pursed his lips and said, “If you guys dont want to know, then pretend I didnt ask.”

Lu Man inserted her fork into another piece of watermelon and said, “Is it long If its long, then sit down and tell us.

I have nothing to do anyway.

Lets hear it.”

Since Lu Man said that, Han Zhuoli would not say anything more.

Zheng Tianming did not dare to sit together with Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Besides, it was not convenient to talk if all three of them sat on the couch.

Although there was a single couch at the side, that was the master seat, so he could not sit there.

He dragged a chair and sat down, then he told Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, “Lu Qi is dead.”

Lu Man was speechless.

Han Zhuoli was speechless.

They did not expect this.

They thought that Lu Qi had done something wicked again.

They did not expect such big news.

Lu Man did not know what she was feeling.

In Lu Mans past life, Lu Qi was one of the people who destroyed her.

In the past life, when she was dying, shed had to drag Lu Qi and He Zhengbai to die with her.

However, in this life, Lu Qi was becoming more and more miserable.

Lu Man watched how Lu Qi got herself into her current situation step by step.

So Lu Man had already gradually gotten over it.

She did not pay attention to Lu Qis current life anymore; she did not care about Lu Qi and He Zhengbai at all.

In this life, these two people were already not on her radar.

Now that she heard about Lu Qjs death, Lu Man froze for a while.

She was not sad.

She just felt that the people who had unlimited glory died really early in this life.

Even earlier than the last life.

But in the last life, Lu Qi was dragged into the flames by her.

In this life, how did Lu Qi die

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