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Chapter 2890: The Things That Should Be Burned and the Things That Shouldnt Be Burned Were All Burned

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Lu Man asked.

Zheng Tianming said, “She was burned to death.”

Lu Man froze and looked at Han Zhuoli subconsciously.

Clearly, Han Zhuoli did not expect that.

Lu Man had already told the experience of her past life to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli knew that Lu Man died in the fire.

‘And when she died, she dragged Lu Qi and He Zhengbai together.

Han Zhuoli did not see it himself, but he felt sad just by listening to Lu Man.

He did not expect that Lu Qi would also be burned to death in this life.

“What happened” Even Han Zhuoli was interested.

Zheng Tianming shook his head.

“The police is still investigating.

The fire was too big, so theres nothing left; everything has been burned.

It happened at Jincheng Garden.”

“Isnt Jincheng Garden the newly developed real estate” asked Han Zhuoli.


Lu Qi probably met with He Zhengbai there.” Zheng Tianmings mouth twitched.

“It happened yesterday midnight, probably around 11:30 PM to 12 midnight.

As it was a new project and was still being built, the place that they met in was a simple sample house of a construction worker located around

the real estate.”

He explained, “That kind of sample house has many hidden dangers.

After the fire was lit, it increased in size rapidly.

In the end, it reached the gas tank, causing an explosion.

“As for the cause of the fire, the police is still investigating.”

“You said that Lu Qi and He Zhengbai met there” asked Lu Man.

She thought that it might be because their discussion did not have a good ending while they were discussing there.

She did not pay attention to Lu Qi and He Zhengbai anymore; she only knew that their marriage was not happy.

She was pregnant now and did not attend any events.

However, she heard a lot of news about the entertainment industry from Hu Zhonghui.

Hu Zhonghui was concerned that since she was going to be out for too long, she would not be able to keep up with the updates of the entertainment industry.

So even if Lu Man was not accepting any jobs, whenever there was news, Hu Zhonghui would still tell her to prevent Lu Man from being cut off from the entertainment industry.

So Lu Man also knew about how Lu Qi relied on unspoken rules.

Looking at the development between Lu Qi and He Zhengbai, it was just a matter of time before they broke up.

She did not think that the two would go to a sample house at midnight for a date.

What kind of interest was this that was so special

“Yes.” Zheng Tianming nodded.

“Because He Zhengbai was found outside the sample house that exploded.

Upon mentioning He Zhengbais sorry state, even Zheng Tianmings face became twisted.

“It was too terrible.” Zheng Tianming hissed.

“His whole body cannot be recognized due to the buns.

None of his skin is intact; everything was burned.

That face… ugh…” Zheng Tianming shook his head.

“Obviously, its ruined.

“There are a few parts of his body where a layer of skin was torn off.

Even there…” Zheng Tianming looked like it was difficult for him to talk.

Lu Man was confused.


She only reacted after a few seconds.

So it was there.

Lu Mans gaze floated around awkwardly.

Han Zhuoli coughed.

Why was he talking about other mens private parts in front of Lu Man!

Zheng Tianming said immediately, “Anyway, things that should be burned and shouldnt be burned were all burned.

He Zhengbai hasnt even woken up in the hospital.

He went through emergency treatment the whole night and then entered the ICU.

Until now, hes still in danger of dying.

Anyway, its not

very likely that he will wake up.”

He added, “Oh, right, one of his ears was torn off.

Its forcibly torn off.”

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