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Chapter 2903 Can You Feel the Despair I Had Right Before I Died

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“Tell me, why did you wake up How can you wake up How can you live You should die a painful death!” Lu Qi held He Zhengbais neck and shook it while tightening her grip.

He Zhengbai was already in agony even without anyone touching him, let alone when someone was holding him and rubbing against him.

He Zhengbai could not scream.

However, his tears flowed like a river.

“Let go of me!”

“Let go of me!”

He Zhengbai cried.

He could not speak.

He could not even show a look of begging even if he wanted to.

His whole face was covered in bandages, so his expression could not be seen.

His eyes could not open, so his begging look was blocked by his eyelids.

He Zhengbai only had one thought: it was better that he died now.

Lu Qi pulled the oxygen mask away from his face and choked him hard.

He Zhengbai felt that he could not breathe and that his whole body was in pain from the burn.

His eyes even rolled back.

He Zhengbai wanted to raise his head and grab Lu Qis wrist.

However, he could not move his hand at all.

Lu Qi let out an evil laugh.

“Now, you finally know the feeling of not being able to resist!

“Back then, when I was in that sample house, I was the same.

I was being beaten to a pulp by you, but I had no strength to resist.

Just because youre a man, youre stronger than a weak lady like me.

Youre so capable!

“Can you feel the despair I had before I died”

He Zhengbai could feel it.

He was in despair.

Lu Qi suddenly opened her lips, showing her bloody mouth, and pounced on He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbai froze, unable to move.

Only the slits between his eyelids and his lips could be seen; no reaction was discernible.

However, it seemed like his whole body was frozen, without any life.

The machine by his bed that showed his vitals suddenly displayed a smooth, straight line on the screen.

There was a long beeping sound.

It was then followed by frantic noises of footsteps from the corridor outside.

The doctor rushed in with the nurses.

Other than He Zhengbai, who was lying on the bed and whose heartbeat had stopped, no other people could be seen.

The doctor immediately checked on He Zhengbai.

Then, he tried one last time to save him.

However, it was futile.

Yang Lin had set up a foldable bed in the corridor to rest on.

At this time, Yang Lin could only think about He Zhengbais safety, so she did not care about her own comfort.

She did not care about having to sleep in the corridor.

At midnight, Yang Lin was sleepy and half-awake.

When she heard the sudden noise of footsteps, Yang Lin remembered He Zhengbai and woke up instantly.

She saw that the doctor and nurses indeed went into He Zhengbais ICU ward.

Yang Lin immediately looked inside through the tiny window on the door.

She saw the doctor and nurses inside stop their efforts to save him.

Then, the nurses covered He Zhengbais body fully.

Yang Lins heart dropped.

Losing all strength, she leaned on the wall.

Yang Lin could not even feel the coldness of the wall.

She stared blankly at the door of the ward.

Tears rolled down from her eyes.

When the doctor and nurses came out, Yang Lin rushed over instantly.

“My son… my son… what happened” asked Yang Lin, grabbing the doctor.

“lam sorry,” said the doctor softly.

“The patient couldnt make it.”

“How can it be…” Yang Lin collapsed on the floor, unable to accept this result..

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