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Chapter 2911 Blindly Confident

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But in the end, Lu Qi was still his daughter whom he had loved for 20 years.

n the past, he was really devoted to Lu Qi, giving every good thing to her.

n the same degree that he was good to Lu Qi, he was terrible to Lu Man.

tt seemed that in Lu Qiyuans heart, he could be nice to only one person.

ff he was nice to one person, his heart would not be able to contain another person, so he must treat other people badly.

He was good to Lu Qi, so he treated Lu Man terribly, ignoring her and treating her harshly.

To Lu Qi, this was a blessing.

Everything good at home was given to her, and with Lu Man as a comparison, it was more obvious that Lu Qi was spoiled, showing her superiority.

it was because he was so good to her in the past that Lu Qiyuan was having mixed emotions now.

egarding Lu Qis death, other than feeling that she deserved it, he also felt a little sad.

After all, she was the daughter whom he adored.

He felt lost in his current emotions.

However, Lu Qiyuan was not affected like Xia Qingyang was.

After all, he did not have any feelings left for Lu Qi.

After feeling disappointed, he continued to think about how he was going to last through prison.

n the end, he was still a selfish person who only thought about himself.

From the beginning to the end, he did not ask about her funeral affairs after Lu Qi had died.

He also did not ask about how Xia Qingyang was.


Lu Qiyuan was still strong and alive in prison while Jiang Huaizhous career was beginning to see light.

After more than a month of putting it into practice, it was proven that his investment insight had not worsened.

Jiang Huaizhou did not rush to take action.

He understood and analyzed the current situation first.

After trying things out a few times and discovering that it worked, he invested all his savings into it.

n the end, he gained a substantial amount of profits.

This gave him more confidence to continue his plan.

He had some form of results and had earned quite a bit.

So he could make life at home more comfortable.

However, as he was about to start a company, he could not live lavishly immediately.

But at least, from how things looked at present, that old house of theirs would not need to be sold.

So he did not need to touch the money from that old house.

However, he still had to use Jiang Yujies money.

After all, he did need some funds.

But unless he had no other choice, he would not touch Jiang Yujies money.

Even if he did not touch it, however, he would still give out dividends to Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Huaizhou was still pretty confident in his own ability.

However, he was not blindly confident.

While he was in prison, he did not have any hope.

He wanted to come out after getting through the prison term.

However, he did not expect that Jiang Yujie would rescue him earlier.

But no matter what, he had the experience of going to prison.

He had also thought about how hard it would be for him to have a fresh start.

He did not expect to get back on his feet so quickly because of his familys support.

He could start a new career.

Jiang Huaizhou did not expect that his start after he was released could be so good.

He did not experience the difficulties that other people had experienced.

This was all because of a family who supported him and Jiang Yujie.

Every time he thought about these, Jiang Huaizhou felt warm in his heart.

He had not told his family about him earning quite a bit of money.

He planned to give his family a surprise today.

Today, he invited his family to a restaurant for a meal.

It was to celebrate having a fresh start after he was released and having a good beginning, which gave him hope.

At the same time, he also bought a gift for his family using the money that he had earned.


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