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Chapter 2914 Hope You Will Like It

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“Okay.” Mr.

Jiang reluctantly accepted it.


Jiang also agreed, but it still pained her heart.

Jiang Huaizhou was suddenly stressed.

He did not know whether he would be reprimanded if he gave them gifts.

However, he already bought the gifts, so he could not waste them.

Extremely perturbed, Jiang Huaizhou took out the gifts for Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.


He bought a silk scarf for Mrs.

Jiang and a belt for Mr.


“Dad, Mom, I was unfilial and made you guys worried for me even though youre so old,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“I consider this my new life now that Ive come out.

Its like being reborn, starting everything from scratch.


am lucky that this beginning is going smoothly.

“To me, this is a very memorable moment,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“These gifts are for you guys, and I bought them with the first money that I have earned after getting a new life.”


Jiang said in distress, “This… this is too expensive.

We dont actually need any gifts.

Its fine as long as you guys are well.”


Why did you waste this much money” added Mr.


“Its good enough to save it for you to start a business.

Dont start spending lavishly after you have earned money.”

Jiang Huaizhou sighed and said, “Its not lavish.

I planned it.

I took out some money for gifts from the money that I have earned.

This is nothing compared to the money that I have earned.

The rest of it will still be used

for starting a business.

I didnt spend lavishly just because I have earned some money.

“Dad, Mom, please accept it.

Just do it so I can feel better,” said Jiang Huaizhou in frustration.

“I was not with you guys these past two years and even made you worried.

Now, our lives will only get better.”


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang finally accepted it.

Jiang Yujie did not dare to ask about her gift after seeing that both their parents had received gifts.

She was afraid that if she said something, Mrs.

Jiang would scold her.

She might say that she was being immature, asking Jiang Huaizhou for a gift at such a time.

However, Jiang Yujies thoughts were all in her eyes.

Jiang Huaizhou understood everything just by taking a glance.

Jiang Huaizhou smiled.

This little girls eyes had always known how to speak.

“And here is yours.” Jiang Huaizhou gave Jiang Yujie the gift.

“What is it” Jiang Yujie was curious.

“Open it and take a look now,” Jiang Huaizhou said as he smiled.

“Can I” said Jiang Yujie, surprised.

“Can I open it now”

“Of course,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“Its for you anyway.

Open it now and see if you like it or not.”

He paused and said, “I hope you like it.”

He went on, “When I saw this, I thought that it suited you.

You will look good wearing it.

See if you like it or not.”

Jiang Yujie did not say that as long as it was from Jiang Huaizhou, she would definitely like it.

No matter what it was.

Jiang Yujie opened the box and saw that a necklace was lying inside.

The pendant of the necklace was a tiny red heart.

Jiang Yujie knew this brand and had always liked this design, thinking that it was delicate and beautiful.

Although it was not something that was really expensive, it was a worldly possession.

Jiang Yujie felt that she should save whatever she could save.

It was not something that she needed anyway.

So she did not buy it.

She did not expect Jiang Huaizhou to give her this necklace.

Jiang Yujie held the necklace up.

“Ive been eyeing this necklace for very long.

| like it, but I didnt buy it.”.

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