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Chapter 2915 She Smiled, Then She Started Crying

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This clearly meant that she liked it a lot.

Upon hearing that, Jiang Huaizhou let out a sigh of relief.

“Then that means I bought the right one.”

“I really like it,” said Jiang Yujie, smiling.

“Brother, thank you.

This is beautiful.”

The shirt that Jiang Yujie was wearing today did not have a huge collar, but it could show her collarbone.

Jiang Huaizhou saw this and said, “Shall I help you put it on”

The two sat next to each other.

Jiang Yujie nodded and turned around, showing her back to He Zhengbai.

She moved her long hair in front, showing the thin and beautiful curve of her nape.

Jiang Yujies neck was slender; when she lifted her hair, there was that beautiful curve.

On her snow-white skin, there were a few strands of black hair left behind.

They looked like ink on her fair skin.

Jiang Huaizhou took the necklace and put it on her.

Inevitably, his fingertips touched the skin of her nape.

The parts of her nape that were touched by him turned pink.

The touch of his fingertips was also smooth and fine.

Watching the scene between these two, peoples eyes would be blessed, and they would think that they suited each other so much.

But Mr.

Jiang was frightened as he watched from the opposite side.

These two were too suited to each other.

“Okay,” said Jiang Huaizhou, smiling.

“Turn around.

Let me see how you look.”

Jiang Yujie lowered her head and touched the tiny red heart hanging between her collarbones, then she positioned the tiny red heart right in the middle.

After she positioned it nicely, she turned around.

Jiang Huaizhous gaze fell on the tiny red heart between her collarbones.

It was exactly like what he imagined.

Jiang Yujies skin was white, and together with the tiny red heart, she looked gorgeous.

Jiang Yujie felt that as Jiang Huaizhous gaze landed on her, the skin between her collarbones felt a little hot.

She felt uneasy and moved the red heart, covering the burning skin below it.

“How is it Does it look good” asked Jiang Yujie.

It was as though Jiang Huaizhous answer was really important to her.

Jiang Huaizhou smiled as he nodded earnestly.

“Its beautiful.

It suits you a lot.”

Jiang Yujie touched the tiny red heart between her collarbones.

Her fingertips were a little hot.

She smiled, and as she was smiling, her thoughts seemed to have drifted far away.

She lowered her eyes.

Jiang Huaizhou could not see the expression in them.

Jiang Huaizhou did not think too much.

After ordering the dishes, the four ate together.

Luckily, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had self-control and no longer said anything about how eating outside was too wasteful.

It was impossible that Jiang Huaizhou would let them know how much this meal cost.

However, while they were on the way back, Mrs.

Jiang could not hold it back and said, “Next time, if we can eat at home, lets eat at home.

Its pretty good to eat at home


Jiang Huaizhou did not refute Mrs.

Jiangs words.

Instead, he smiled.

When they got home, after Jiang Yujie tidied up, she went inside her bedroom.

Now, both she and Jiang Huaizhou were old.

To avoid suspicion and to stop Mr.

Jiang from overthinking, it was not good for the two to always stay together.

Jiang Yujie sat on the bed, touching the tiny red heart between her collarbones with her fingertips.

Then, she looked in the mirror.

She smiled, then she started crying

The life that Jiang Huaizhou had restarted was at least smooth in the beginning.

She once told herself that after she saved Jiang Huaizhou, she would leave.

However, after Jiang Huaizhou came out, she was reluctant to leave.

She told herself to wait.

Jiang Huaizhou was only just starting his business, and it would be too difficult.

She could stay to help, or else Jiang Huaizhou would not be able to

do all the work by himself.

If she abandoned Jiang Huaizhou during the time when he needed help the most, she would not be at ease.

Once Jiang Huaizhou had a smooth beginning and once she saw that he had a good start, she could leave in peace..

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