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Chapter 2940 Making a Big Deal

“Hes definitely not like many of those impetuous producers or directors that we have now, the ones who produce movies quickly to deal with the market and the audience just for money.” Writer Hu had a face full of admiration.

“You, while I am not paying attention, youre praising me again.” Wu Mosen walked over and heard what Writer Hu said.

He shook his head, feeling embarrassed.

“Young Master Ling,” greeted Wu Mosen immediately after seeing that Han Zhuoling was also here.

Han Zhuoling smiled.

“I am here to send Xiaoya, and while I am at it, I can familiarize myself with everyone.

Xiaoya will be here for a long time, so I have to trouble Director Wu and Writer Hu to take care of her.”

Shi Xiaoya was a makeup artist and was different from the actors.

After the actors had finished shooting their part, they could leave after a month.

However, as a makeup artist, Shi Xiaoya had to be there the whole time and could not leave early.

Yan Zhiqing would leave early after finishing her part.

At that time, Shi Xiaoya would be left behind and would have nobody to help her if she got into trouble.

How could Han Zhuoling be at ease

Thus, after sending Shi Xiaoya here today, he decided to meet up with Wu Mosen and Writer Hu.

He wanted to let the two see this as something important.

If anything happened, they had to help Shi Xiaoya.

“Dont worry.” Wu Mosen naturally understood what Han Zhuoling meant.

Anyway, Han Zhuoling was not trying to add more people to his movie and did not want to disturb his shooting.

He just wanted them to take care of his wife.

This was such a normal thing to do.

“I wont let Xiaoya get hurt here,” Wu Mosen promised.

Shi Xiaoya also felt pretty embarrassed.

She felt like a child being dropped off by her parent.

After being urged by Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya was blushing from embarrassment.

But she knew that Han Zhuoling felt uneasy like this because she was very important in his heart.

If it was someone else, Han Zhuoling would have been too lazy to care about that persons wellbeing

So although Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed, she also felt joyful.

Even when she turned into an old lady, she also wanted Han Zhuoling to care for her like that.

“Dont worry.

I am not a small kid, and I am not that easy to bully.” Besides, she would not be so unlucky as to meet a person that liked to bully others, right

Before this, Han Zhuoling had publicly shown off their affection in such a crazy manner.

Those who knew about her relationship with Han Zhuoling would not give her a hard time because of him.

So Shi Xiaoya did not really worry and also did not know where Han Zhuolings worry was coming from.

However, Han Zhuoling thought that there were always those who were brainless.

He had no idea what they were thinking; they just had to look for trouble.

There were clearly no conflicts of interest, but because of whatever problems they had with their brains, they just had to go against others.

It was as though they had been put under a spell.

Back then, after Lu Man and Han Zhuoli announced their relationship, there were still a lot of people who went against Lu Man.

They did not dare to cross the line, but there were always people talking bad about her.

They would toe the line in the sand, testing her.

Han Zhuoli would be within his rights to deal with them directly, but it would only be after Lu Man had already felt disgusted.

And if Lu Man asked Han Zhuoli to deal with them just because of this, then people would say that Lu Man was too petty and was making a big deal.

They would say that she wanted to ruin peoples careers just because of such a small thing.

If she did this every time she met someone like that, would there still be people in the acting industry

Could Lu Man not deal with it

Lu Man was not someone who liked to argue with others.

If they did not cross the line, Lu Man would not do anything to them.

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