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She could not hold back and threw herself into Han Zhuolis embrace, her two hands circling Han Zhuolis neck.

“I missed you so much!”

Han Zhuoli grinned from ear to ear, not able to control himself as he gazed at her.

Wasnt that true for him too

He really missed this little girl, he thought about her every night, wishing he could just fly over at that very second.

This week, he had been really very busy, sleeping only for three to four hours each day just so that he could instead of six days he could finish it within four days.

In the afternoon, having just come back from Los Angeles back to B City, he did not even manage to freshen up or get rid of his jet-lag as he instantly rushed over here just so that he could spend the weekend with Lu Man.

His body was still cold, and Lu Man was only wearing a thin pajamas.

Not long after, the coldness from Han Zhuolis body penetrated Lu Mans pajamas.

Han Zhuoli patted her back.

“Be good, my body is chilly, wait till Im warm enough before hugging me, otherwise, you might fall sick from the cold.”

Lu Man shook her head.

“Im not letting go of you.”

This little girl, she missed him so much

Han Zhuoli was so happy that he quickly bent down and kissed her.

In the end, he found that Lu Man was actually taking off his jacket.

“Arent you in too much of a rush” Han Zhuoli said, happiness radiating from his face.

This little girl, she was actually taking an initiative!

Feeling that Lu Man was taking it off too slowly, Han Zhuoli helped her to quickly take off his jacket, and now he was left with only a button-up shirt.

“…” Lu Man looked at him speechless, what was this man thinking!

She pulled up her blanket, then patted the place next to her.

“Im just telling you to come in, I dont mean anything else.”

Han Zhuoli, “…”

Slipping inside the blanket, Han Zhouli secretly took out his belt.

Not long later, even his trousers were secretly thrown out from under the blanket by him.

Lu Man instantly felt that it was not right, but the thick-skinned Han Zhuoli explained, “I just flew from Los Angeles to B City today, and didnt even change before I instantly flew here.

Its alright to leave my shirt, but my jacket and my trousers are too dirty.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli laughed mischievously and then hugged her.

“Sleep, am I such a beast Youve filmed the whole day today, and youre so tired, how can I mess with you like that.”

Furthermore, his and Lu Mans first time definitely could not be in this small city hotel.

It was too casual.

For some reason, Lu Man really did not think that Han Zhuoli would do anything to her here.

She never doubted his actions.

She buried herself in his embrace, breathed in his scent, although his scent was affected by the weather, it still had his original minty fragrance.

His bodys scent provided her a sense of security.

On the other hand, Han Zhuolis heart became more troubled.

Although he just said that he wont do anything, with Lu Man snuggling in his embrace, he really could not stop imagining those things.

With his hand against her soft back, even upon being separated by a layer of clothing he could still feel the beautiful curve of her back.

He could feel the thin ridge in the middle of her back and the beautiful curve extending to her tailbone.

The beautiful depression in the middle of her back waist made her waist more slender and easier to grab.

When Lu Man felt that his hand was tracing her curves, her sleepiness instantly disappeared and she abruptly woke up because of his actions.

Suddenly, the hand at the back of her waist pressed her into his embrace even more and her body stuck closely to him leaving no gaps at all.

Her stomach was pressing onto his hot rod and that heat surged through her body.

Lu Man was being hugged so tightly that she felt uncomfortable upon having his hot rod pressing onto her body, thus she could not help but move a bit, trying to get some distance between them.


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