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Chapter 2949 That Would Be Awkward

Everyone arrived at least a day earlier.

The actors who were not playing very important characters or who were not famous had arrived a few days earlier.

Yan Zhiqing, Shi Xiaoya, and Guo Yujie followed Han Zhuofeng to this restaurant.

As soon as the car stopped, they could already smell the scent of barbeque that came out.

Han Zhuofeng also came here two months earlier with Wu Mosen.

So he was also familiar with this restaurant.

“This restaurants barbeque is delicious,” said Han Zhuofeng, introducing the restaurant.

“Although this place is not eye-catching, its dishes are delicious.

They have flavors gained from frying in a wok and they smell amazing.” “I love this kind of restaurant.” Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Whenever I am shooting, if I am not tired afterward, I would bring my assistant along and look for this kind of small restaurant to eat in.

If I am too lazy to move, I would order delivery.”

“Me too,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling.

They were not picky in terms of restaurants and were not people who had to choose big ones.

Instead, they liked the style of this kind of small restaurant even more.

The four entered the restaurant.

Obviously, Han Zhuofeng and Wu Mosen were also here.

The boss was familiar with Han Zhuofeng.

When he saw Han Zhuofeng, he smiled.

“Xiao Han, youre here.” The boss had a smiley face and was extremely friendly.

He did not know that Han Zhuofeng was the famous Youngest Master of the Han Family.

He only saw Han Zhuofeng as the assistant director of this production crew.

So he did not feel distant.

He treated Han Zhuofeng like how he would treat an ordinary young fellow from the neighborhood.

He felt that it must not be easy for this young guy to come out to work at such a young age.

Then, he caught a glimpse of Yan Zhiqing.

The boss recognized her with one glance.

“Aiyo… this… isnt this…”

Yan Zhiqing smiled.

She was not like those people who would not admit it and tell others they were mistaken.

Yan Zhiqing always admitted it openly, and before the boss even recognized her, she introduced herself.


I am Yan Zhiqing.” That was to prevent the boss from recognizing the wrong person and calling the wrong name.

That would be awkward.

Luckily, the boss did not recognize her wrongly.

After hearing Yan Zhiqings words, he did not show an awkward expression.

He was just surprised.

“Aiyo, I didnt expect you would also come to our small restaurant.

I am honored by your presence.

Tonights meal will be on me.”

“We cant do that.” Han Zhuofeng smiled and said, “Its not easy for you to run a restaurant, so how can we do that Besides, we have a house full of people tonight; it will not be cheap.

Our director is rich.

You dont need to save money for him.”

Of course, it was on Wu Mosen tonight.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Do you want me to take a picture with you so you can hang it on the wall”

The boss was shocked.

It was his first time meeting a celebrity who would take the initiative to request a picture together.

The boss nodded immediately to such a good thing.

“Of course, yes! I just… just didnt expect that you would mention it yourself.”

Honestly, whoever paid attention to the entertainment industry would know about Yan Zhiqings family background.

The boss was naturally not unfamiliar with it.

She was the daughter of a great family and was a celebrity at the same time.

She was born into glory, and now her glory was getting greater and greater.

Those who did not understand Yan Zhiqing and judged only her identity would feel that she was an arrogant person.

Especially when the image that Yan Zhiqing showed others was a cold one.

And recently, Yan Zhiqing had been obsessed with red lipstick.

Her makeup seemed imposing.

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