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Chapter 2950 Why Are You Here

In the usual photos uploaded by journalists, she was always wearing sunglasses and red lipstick, looking as though she was extremely cold.

The boss did not expect that Yan Zhiqing was so approachable in person.

“Honestly, youre different from what I imagined.

Usually, in the videos that the fans post online, there are many celebrities who ignore people.

When they go out, their bodyguards will open a path for them, and the assistants will even ask the fans to back off.

They cant even talk to those celebrities.” The boss sighed.

Yan Zhiqing said, smiling, “Actually, it depends on each individual.

There are many people who are the same as me.”

The boss chuckled and did not say anything more.

If he said anything more, he would be creating hatred towards Yan Zhiqing.

He quickly took a picture with Yan Zhiqing and even asked her for an autograph.

After he was done, the boss gave Yan Zhiqing a thumbs up.

“We really cant judge someone completely based on impressions.

After seeing you in person today, I came to know that youre extremely good.

From now on, I am your fan.

If anyone talks bad about you, I will be angry at that person!” “Okay, then, Ill leave that to you,” said Yan Zhiqing, smiling.

“I didnt expect that I can gain a fan when I came out to have a meal.”

Just as she finished talking, she saw Wei Wucai strolling out with hands in his pocket.

Yan Zhiqing was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out.

Shi Xiaoya was also so shocked that she moved a few steps towards Han Zhuofeng.

“What is Wei Wucai doing here”

Before Han Zhuofeng could answer, they heard Wei Wucai say, “You said that youre already here.

When I guessed that you guys should be here but didnt see anyone, I came out to take a look.”

“Why are you here” Yan Zhiqing asked, surprised.

“Oh, dont you know My company is in charge of the special effects this time,” said Wei Wucai calmly.

“What in the world” Yan Zhiqing took two steps back in shock.

“You… why are you in charge of this No… you have a special effects company” “Of course.” Wei Wucai raised his eyebrows.

“I cant just depend on my job at the Mount Lan Compound.

We all have our own side businesses.”

Yuan Jiangyi, for instance.

As a world-renowned hacker, other than working at the Mount Lan Compound, he also had his own tech company.

Sometimes, he would also take on some hacking tasks just because his hands were itchy.

Of course, other than a few people, nobody knew that Yuan Jiangyi was the famous hacker “Yi Person.”

The Wen Family did not lack money.

And given the kind of jobs they did, there would definitely be risks.

So the reward was not small.

However, the fellows at the Mount Lan Compound were not people who had no ambitions, being satisfied just with working there.

Because of that, based on their own means and skills, they started businesses that belonged to them alone.

The Mount Lan Compound also supported them.

As long as their work at the Mount Lan Compound was not affected, no matter what plans they had, the Mount Lan Compound did not care.

The Wen Family was no different.

Although their main one was the Mount Lan Compound, they also had various businesses.

Wei Wucai and the others all went in the direction of technology.

Yuan Jiangyi started his own tech company.

Because of the relationship between the Wei Family and the Han Family, Wei Wucai started his own special effects company and partnered up with the Han Corporation.

When there was no work at the Mount Lan Compound, he would join the work at his own company.

When Wu Mosen came to him for collaboration, it was a coincidence that there was no work to be done at the Mount Lan Compound.

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