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Chapter 2958 Whos in a Relationship with Him

So hes “afraid of affecting the audiences impression of the movie”

Indeed, this stemmed from his cautiousness.

If necessary, Wu Mosen could have shouldered this almost negligible risk.

But just because of this scandal, Wu Mosen didnt use her.

Lu Xiuse still wished to ride on Wu Mosens coattails

Yan Zhiqing didnt think Lu Xiuse had a chance of succeeding.

So what was there to prohibit

As if making things hard for Lu Xiuse could give her any benefits.

Yan Zhiqing wouldnt do such useless things that would harm others without benefit to herself.

Lu Xiuse was actually anxious to meet Wu Mosen.

But seeing how Yan Zhiqing wasnt stopping her, Lu Xiuse wasnt in a hurry anymore.

Yan Zhiqing was naturally going to eat with Wu Mosen.

If Yan Zhiqing wasnt anxious, then she wouldnt be either.

Now, her attention turned to Wei Wucai.

Lu Xiuse was curious.

“Zhiqing, youre bringing your boyfriend to your production crew gathering” Yan Zhiqing paused before realizing that by “boyfriend,” Lu Xiuse was actually referring to Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqings first instinct was to say, Whos in a relationship with him!

Whats with Lu Xiuses look!

Yan Zhiqing was about to explain when Shi Xiaoya pushed Han Zhuofeng forward.

A person suddenly bursting out freaked Yan Zhiqing and the other two.

Her explanation was left forgotten.

Han Zhuofeng was also stunned.

Why was he always the one suffering!

His sister-in-law… Why did his sister-in-law push him forward! The Youngest Master Han was so innocent!

Just then, Shi Xiaoya hurried over too, smiling.


Wei is handling the special effects for our film.”

Shi Xiaoya made no mention of the company being Wei Wucais, or that it was Ledepic More.

Lu Xiuse knew her stuff, after all.

Wouldnt it be bad if she learned of that

Wei Wucai was from the Wei Family.

His special effects company was leading in the local industry, even on the way to being one of the top five global special effects companies.

The special effects company might be in the middle of the production process, but they had impressively wide connections.

They were familiar with many famous directors.

If Lu Xiuse knew this, wouldnt she be adjusting her cuffs and personally hang on to Wei Wucai, never letting go

True, Wei Wucai seemed to be incapable of finding a partner and extremely incapable of understanding love.

For sure, he would ignore Lu Xiuse.

But Lu Xiuses actions would still be annoying, wouldnt they

Hence, Shi Xiaoya cleverly gave an ambiguous answer regarding Wei Wucais ability.

This was to make Lu Xiuse misunderstand.

Lu Xiuse already had a prior impression of Wei Wucai.

Plus, there was what Luo Qingxian had told her.

Lu Xiuse thus thought that Wei Wucai was just an average man.

Who could have guessed Luo Qingxian would keep some things secret from her

Luo Qingxian did not trust Lu Xiuse.

For one, there were Lu Xiuses private affairs.

And she naturally couldnt tell Lu Xiuse her suspicions about Wei Wucai.

Luo Qingxian herself hadnt even gotten a full understanding of Wei Wucai.

Its just that the more she thought about it when she went back, the more she felt she had been bluffed by Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai really did not look like someone incapable.

And he was on good terms with Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing was the main Yan Familys young lady.

How could she be with anyone incapable

Thus, Luo Qingxian had her doubts about Wei Wucai.

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